We launched the multi-tenant WordPress Marketplace! 🎉

Our Mission

We aim to redefine the WordPress ecosystem by democratizing access to robust, scalable, and easy-to-manage SaaS infrastructure. Our vision is to be the catalyst for change, leading the way in transforming the WordPress landscape, and ultimately contributing to the evolution of the global digital world built on top of open-source technology.

Our Story

When the pandemic disrupted the Netherlands in 2020, our B2C startup catering to the hotel industry was severely impacted. In the face of adversity, we decided to pivot back to our roots, focusing on web development and proposing an ambitious plan to harness multi-tenant WordPress. Inspired by the infrastructure of successful SaaS companies and Kubernetes, our aim was to redefine web development and offer a scalable solution to WordPress companies.

Our bold strategy to transition from a project-based business model to a product-focused one aimed to improve scalability, and streamline operations. As we embarked on this transformative journey, we developed a low-code SaaS platform based on WordPress, capturing the attention of significant investors, including Porsche, Yoast, and Axel Springer, culminating in nearly $1M of investments.

Ultimately, this journey led us to launch our groundbreaking WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform on a global scale. This remarkable turnaround from an initial setback saved our business and is redefining the WordPress landscape today. 

Leadership team

Meet the leadership team

WPCS is built by senior cloud engineers and full-stack developers who have spent more than a decade implementing DevOps best practices to build enterprise-level solutions. Based on their years of experience and a growing irritation by a lack of DevOps in WordPress, they decided to bring you multi-tenant WordPress. 

Wijnand van Leeuwen

Chief Executive Offer, Co-founder

Sybren van Kesteren

Chief Marketing Officer, Co-founder

Dexter Drupsteen

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Roger Rosweide

Chief Communications Officer, Co-founder

WPCS is backed by

APX backed by Porsche and Axel Springer
Arches Capital

Some of our investors
and advisors

Eliska Went

B2B Marketing Consultant, investor & Board member WPCS

Joost de Valk

Former founder & Chief Product Officer of Yoast 

Marieke van de Rakt

Former co-owner of Yoast and owner of  Yoast Academy 

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