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Flexible plans based on
platform features & website performance

Every plan has two pricing components, billed separately   

component 1:
Tenant USAGE

Choose the website (tenant) performance that aligns with your business type

component 2:
multi-tenant PLATFORM

A flat monthly fee for your multi-tenant platform, development tools, support, and capabilities

Choose the best plan for your
brand or website portfolio


The quickest way to use multi-tenant WordPress 


$0.00375 per hour

Per site, per 30 days, charged hourly. Plus $15 monthly flat fee 


More power for growing companies


$0.01042 per hour

Per site, per 30 days, charged hourlyPlus $15 monthly flat fee 


Fully loaded to scale and automate your business


$0.02083 per hour

Per site, per 30 days, charged hourlyPlus $30 monthly flat fee


Supercharged for the most demanding enterprises 


$0.03125 per hour
Per site, per 30 days, charged hourly. Plus $300 monthly flat fee

Multi-tenant WordPress features for all plans

A uniform development environment for single-site WordPress installations that are shared in functionality, but isolated in content.
Separated multi-tenant environments that allows for centralized, yet isolated development.
Never think about servers or scaling again. Your websites in WPCS just run.
Images that capture all functionality and content of websites used to provision, update and scale your websites in WPCS.
Make backups of entire sites, whenever you need to.
Free SSL certificates, powered by LetsEncrypt.
Enable advanced automation of your workflow and onboarding process, such as automatic website launch after a sale.
Run scripts to automate actions using the WPCS API for your CI/CD pipelines or local development process.
Trigger automations, call APIs or update your CRM after a website is created, moved or before it is deleted using nothing but WordPress plugins.
Easily configure your websites using PHP constants or environment variables.
Each WordPress site on our platform will heal itself in the event of any service failure.
AWS powered data centers all over the world to host your websites.
Outside of your plan, you only pay for what you use on the platform by the hour.
Sign into your websites instantly and securely, without the need for shared passwords.
Invite all your colleagues to collaborate in WPCS.
Fully in control of all your sites, versions, and automations.
Use our free migration plugin to easily create versions and tenants using your existing WP websites
Launch websites and multi-tenant environments within 5 minutes.

Why clients love WPCS's multi-tenant
WordPress cloud solution

Finally, truly scalable infrastructure for WordPress that enable businesses to grow efficiently and reach scale. Don’t believe our word for it: Listen to WPCS users tell their stories. 

Compare Plans & Tenant Performance



$15 monthly flat fee 


$15 monthly flat fee 


$30 monthly flat fee 


$300 monthly flat fee 

Multi-tenant platform

Manage your websites in an isolated yet centralized way with multi-tenant environments (Versions) where all your websites share functionality but have separate content.





Images that capture all functionality and content of websites used to provision, update and scale your websites in WPCS.





The number of tenants (websites) that are included in your monthly flat fee. Additional tenants are priced according to your plan. Tenants live in multi-tenant environments called Versions.




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Personal support via video calling
White glove assisted onboarding and video meetings with a dedicated account manager, including all of the above.



$2.7 per website per 30 days


$7.5 per website per 30 days


$15 per website per 30 days


$22.5 per website per 30 days

website (Tenant) usage

How much your websites will scale to handle incoming traffic.
Your website will scale automatically with incoming traffic.
Your website will scale automatically with incoming traffic.
Your websites are highly available and will scale with incoming traffic. You can also choose to scale up manually to be able to handle an anticipated spike in traffic.
The amount of storage your websites can use for uploads and other filesystem-dependent functionalities.

2 GB

Upgradeable on request
Upgradeable on request
Upgradeable on request
The amount of memory WordPress can use per request. The amount of memory you need depends on the plugins you use.

128 MB

256 MB

Upgradeable on request
Upgradeable on request
The amount of data each of your sites are able to transmit to the internet. This equates to the amount of monthly visits, depending on the weight of the webpages. After this limit has been reached, your bandwidth will be throttled.

1 GB

5 GB

10 GB


Tenant Management & Controls

WPCS does not sell domains. You can however add as many domains per websites as you like.

$0.50 per domain




Except in MVP, backups of all websites are automatically made and hosted in WPCS. Backups remain available for 30 days.

(max 5)

1x p/w

1x 12h


WP Cronjobs are background tasks that need to run to keep your WordPress websites running smoothly: cleaning logs, processing payments, sending E-mails, etc. Cronjobs are run in the background so your visitors never have to wait.

1/15 min

1/15 min+

1/1 min

Automatically use CDNs for all your websites without any setup.


Object and full-page caching for all your websites without any setup.


Connect to your websites and your websites’ databases via a secured SSH connection.


Our Guarantee

We will complete your onboarding hassle-FREE.

“Whether you are migrating subsites from a Multisite network or importing your previous websites into WPCS to use as a Version, we ensure a smooth onboarding process. Our mission to make sure you adopt a SaaS-like approach to your business in one swift move. You can use our free migration plugin or please get in touch for personal onboarding.”

Wijnand van leeuwen


“We have a window of technical advantage to exploit until the World catches on that multi-tenancy is available.”

Ken Lyle

Founder @ The Tattoo Platform

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“WPCS’ Multi-Tenancy product puts my mind at ease because plugins work the way they should, like on single self-hosted sites, and you can manage your clients from the main site.”

Boun Vilailath

Owner @ Monnete

“WPCS is just a great service. From now on, managing hunderds of WordPress sites is a breeze. With just a few clicks all of them are updated or provided with a new feature/plugin.

No more stress to break things. Simply start a new environment (tenant) to see results before deploying to all production websites.”

Jerome de Groot

E-commerce Manager @ Nedac Sorbo

“It’s such a pleasure to see changes made to my version site pass down to my tenants. It’s great that they are standalone WP sites, without the compatibility issues.”

Ken Lyle

Owner @ The Tattoo Platform

“After using WPCS for just a few minutes I immediately realized how powerful but yet beautifully simple they’ve made the entire Multi Tenancy process, a process that’s never quite been known as such.

Multi Tenancy has long been known to be the ultimate solution to the limitations of WordPress Multisite, as well as the true enablement of WaaS and SaaS on WordPress.”

dustin Snider

CEO @ DS Development Solutions


No. Your bandwidth may be throttled. This will mean that your website is perceived to run slower.

Yes, we have a 30 day free trial period regardless of which plan you choose. No credit card necessary. 30 days should be enough to get started and experience the power and performance of WPCS. 

Tenants are charged per month, but calculated per hour. Meaning, the cost of a tenant is only the amount of hours it is up. 

No. WPCS is the WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform. It is a managed cloud platform to host highly-available websites with shared functionality but separate content. This means that you can introduce SaaS principles to your WordPress portfolio such as centralised yet isolated development, scalability and automation of your business.


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