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Easily turn WordPress
into SaaS

Develop and manage thousands of separate installs in an isolated yet centralized way with multi-tenant WordPress

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The low-code WordPress SaaS platform

Provision highly-available tenants (websites) with shared functionality but separate content. Develop and distribute changes to WordPress like a SaaS.

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Introduce SaaS principles to WordPress

Manage thousands of websites as if it’s only one. 

WPCS is the first to solve all scaling issues of WordPress simultaneously.

multi-tenant wordpress

Switch to multi-tenant WordPress and introduce SaaS infrastructure to your WordPress business 

Advanced Dev tools

Stay lean and mean with our unique WordPress DevOps. Keep control, even as you scale and grow


robust automations

Use the API, and build the automations that will enable your business to run on autopilot 

Managed Cloud hosting

Unlimited performance and uncapped individual scaling on all WordPress installations

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have already built
a SaaS on WordPress with WPCS

Managed Cloud Hosting for
SaaS-like WordPress Solutions

The multi-tenant WordPress cloud solution combines Kubernetes and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services

AWS’ cloud services is the biggest and most mature public cloud platform on earth, which is why we built our WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform with AWS 

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Containerized WordPress

Our container-based infrastructure provides quick scalability, availability, and resilience. All your WP installations come with uncapped performance & bandwidth.


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