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What you could/should charge for your website


Here’s the short answer: at least €60,- per month and the sky is the limit.

We make it easy for anyone to start and scale a Website as a Service.

WPCS is the world’s first WordPress multi-tenant cloud hosting platform. You can create any website product you can dream of in WordPress and scale it using our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.

You need WooCommerce? You got it. Advanced custom fields to simplify your customers CMS? Sure. Create blazing fast leadpages? Of course.

If you wanted to, WPCS enables you to make WordPress clones of virtually any website. You could sell those clones as a Website as a Service.

WordPress Airbnb clone? WordPress Craigslist clone? WordPress Youtube clone. It’s all possible.

About 60% of the internet runs on WordPress. 

There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins. 

The global WordPress community that consists of front- and backend developers, designers, marketers, and community managers expands into the millions. 

In short, you can put as much time and effort into building the best possible website product as your resources allow you to.

If you can deliver great value to your customers, any price is warranted.

But, say you want to create an accessible website product within a specific niche, say physical therapists. 

You wish to provide your customers with a setup that they can easily modify themselves, making a DIY kit if you please. 

How much could you charge?

Enter fysiotherapie4all.nl

Fysiotherapie4all.nl is one of the leading destinations for all questions regarding physical therapy in the Netherlands. If you have an ache, if you’re looking for answers, and want to get in touch with a professional – this is the place.

Starting from humble beginnings, the once small practice started with a website where they posted articles regularly. Growing throughout the years, they began to build their authority on the internet. 

Nowadays, they not only provide specialist information on their platform and expert care in their own practices – they also manage and create Holland’s greatest physical therapy websites and marketing campagnes.

They provide websites, Adword campaigns, social media ads, and consultancy for partners throughout the entire country. 

How much do they charge? 

Their partner packages start at 150,- per month. Partners can expand their services to the tune of €550,- per month. 

That’s great value for money.

“If you build it, they will come.”

What will you build?

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