Website portfolio

Utilize a single dashboard to control the creation and development of sites across regions, domains, and brands

Introduce SaaS principles to your WordPress portfolio

Centrally develop your sites from a single dashboard or use the WPCS CLI, and push changes to your entire website portfolio using the simplicity of multi-tenant WordPress 

Safe and continuous deployment using version control

Never run downtime or lose time on backup restore processes – use Version Control to safely test changes before pushing to production sites.

“”From now on, managing hundreds of WordPress sites is a breeze. With just a few clicks all of them are updated or provided with a new feature/plugin.”


Ecommerce Manager @ Jerôme de Groot

Features of Website Portfolio Management

Build, manage, and scale your website portfolio from one location across all of your brands and domains.

Central Console

From a single dashboard, manage all of your WordPress websites, as well as all of your team and domains.

Version control

Develop with confidence using Version Control

Easily move your entire client base to a new production Version.


Tenants are separate WordPress installs, but theme files, plugins, and language files are shared under the same Version.


Deploy Snapshots to send changes in your Version directly to all Tenants. Launch new sites based on Snapshots when launching new Tenants.

Spend less, develop efficient, build safer

"Turning to WPCS for help solved all our scalability issues, as well as delivering us top-level service and an amazing product for our customers. I highly recommend it!”

“It took us days to weeks to build new websites for partners, even though they were based on our successful product. Managing our websites took a large chunk out of our month. Turns out replicating success isn’t as easy as duplicating a website, managing it like a SaaS takes even more time! We were seriously concerned about the scalability of our portfolio, while our customers were anxious to work with us.”


Maikel Korbmacher

"No more stress to break things. Simply start a new environment (tenant) to see results before deploying to all production websites."

“WPCS is just a great service. From now on, managing hundreds of WordPress sites is a breeze. With just a few clicks all of them are updated or provided with a new feature/plugin.


Nedac Sorbo

Jerôme de Groot

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