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Manage WP like a SaaS

The dominant cloud architecture for SaaS on WordPress

Spin up websites automatically, ALWAYS manage them safely and continuously, that is the true power of multi-tenant WordPress. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to Manage WP like a SaaS.

In this 30-minute overview and product demo, Co-founder and CCO, Roger Rosweide, will show you how you can use WPCS to easily manage your website portfolio – managing websites has never been easier.  

He’ll introduce the concept of multi-tenant WordPress and you’ll learn why hundreds of companies are using WPCS to build and scale their WordPress SaaS using multi-tenancy in combination with modern DevOps practices.

You’ll learn how to manage WP like a SaaS and leverage the power of automation to run your WordPress-based SaaS on autopilot. 

Manage WP like a SaaS:

If you’re managing a lot of sites, you should approach development like a SaaS. But also, as a growing agency, you might want to implement some of the automation practices, like onboarding, and plan management, which SaaS businesses use to scale their business. 

In this webinar, Roger will introduce key features that make Multi-tenant WordPress unique to build, launch and scale a SaaS. How to use WPCS if you’re: 

  1. Increasing efficiency in your WordPress agency 
  2. Easily updating plugins  
  3. Installing a new plugin on your sites 
  4. Creating an actual SaaS on WordPress 
  5. Managing thousands WP sites like a SaaS
  6. Building a hosted solution from ANY WordPress asset 
  7. Automate, using the API, lifecycle hooks, and a number of smart plugins

Praise for

Multi-tenancy is so much better than multisite. With multisite, there are plugin incompatibility headaches and then network chaos at scale.” – Boun Vilailat, Austin TX

“We have a window of technical advantage to exploit until the world catches onto multi-tenancy … ” – Ken Lyle, The Tattoo Platform

They’re building the next iteration of the WaaS model, I’m seriously impressed. This is going to be game changer” – Dustin Snider, WP-SaaS Host


Your presenter

Roger Rosweide

Roger Rosweide is a co-founder of the WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform. If he’s not creating content, helping to figure out what WPCS is and where it’s going, he’s having a huge bucket of responsibilities dumped on his head daily, while trying to be an awesome co-founder for Wijnand, Dexter, Sybren, and the rest of the team.

Co-founder / CCO @ WPCS.IO

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