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WaaS: why you should sell websites at scale to a niche

WaaS: why you should sell websites at scale to a niche

WaaS: an intro

If you don’t know already or need a refresher: there are a lot of benefits to selling websites at scale to a niche.

The best way to do it is by starting a Website as a Service (WaaS) business. But, that means you need a way to treat a website as a product that you can sell over and over again.

You’re in luck though. WPCS is the world’s first WordPress multi-tenant cloud hosting platform that leverages the power of WordPress open source.

With WPCS, you can natively scale any WordPress WaaS to multi-tenancy.

Focus on what drives your business success: improve your WordPress product and focus on the digital needs of your customer.

This article lists the most important reasons why you should consider adding the lucrative revenue stream of WaaS to your business model.

Everybody needs a (great) website

There is not a single business in the world that couldn’t benefit from a great website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a freelancer, a small business, or a huge corporation. Everyone needs one (or more).

Websites are the one digital product that you could literally sell to anyone, whether they already have one or not.

If they don’t have one, they need one. If they already have one, you can convince them that you can build one that does [insert any number of benefits] more successfully.

Websites yield long term profits

Once someone launches a website, it’s in their best interest to keep it running. The longer a website is online, the more valuable it becomes. In SEO, this is called Domain Authority.

This means that even if your customer hesitates about whether they should continue the thing that made them launch a website in the first place, the website is the last thing they want to get down. Just in case they change their mind later.

We’ve heard stories of entrepreneurs that go bankrupt but still maintain their website, simply for sentimental reasons or hope that one day they might start again. 

Besides Domain Authority, think of all the work a website represents, the love that went into filling it with content, the time that was spent thinking about how it should look. 

A website is undoubtedly the ultimate representation of a company’s online image, and it is also very often the one digital place where entrepreneurs have full control over their image. 

You usually don’t decide the look of your own office building, but you completely decide the look of your website.

It’s a love affair that’s hard to end.

That makes it no surprise that the average lifetime of a website is a whopping 2.7 years. Think about it: you can sell a website once and reap a monthly profit for years after the sale.

Most companies have similar needs

Even though most websites look different from each other, under the hood they’re almost all the same. For instance, 60% of the world’s websites run on WordPress.

For that matter, websites and humans have this in common: even though we look very different on the outside, inside we’re very much alike.

This is great news because it means companies can specialize to serve a big audience. More of that in the next section.

WaaS: why you should sell websites at scale to a niche
Why you should sell websites at scale to a niche

Optimize, then standardize

If you have specialized knowledge of a niche, (it doesn’t even have to relate to websites,) optimizing a website to perfection becomes very attainable. After that, a WaaS is within easy reach.

This is exactly why we’ve endeavored to build the world’s first WordPress multiplier platform: so that anyone can start a Website as a Service business.

If you have authority in the field, selling an optimized website as a product becomes a no-brainer. 

Even if you have zero experience building websites, a great web designer and marketer can pull all necessary knowledge out of you to create a perfectly optimized website. 

All you need to do is have patience, find the right partner, and test, test, test.

Once you’ve got the website optimized, you can standardize it.

You can use this optimized website as a scaffold to sell prefabricated websites that you brand as being “90%” done for you (DFY). All the customer has to do is insert that special 10% that makes them unique. 

Practically, this 10% means content, branding, and a few minor design changes here and there.

A prefab website means easy onboarding

Once you’ve created and tested an ‘optimized for your nice’ website, you can start selling that as a “Do It Yourself (DIY)” product at entry price.

You can position your product as “90% done, all you have to do is insert the final 10%”. 

This means easy onboarding, the clients don’t have to put much energy into personalizing and finalizing their website.

You can aid this process by offering a (free) course on how to create the perfect website using your optimized product, how customers can add in the final 10%, and market that to their target audience to drive traffic and generate leads/sales. 

Because your product is already optimized to perfection, onboarding becomes super easy.

Our client Bloom did precisely this with massive success, which led to hundreds of clients. 

For those that can’t be bothered to do it themselves, you can offer a complete ‘Done For You (DFY)’ solution for a profitable markup. All you have to do is ask the right questions and insert the final 10%.

Give free nachos to sell more drinks

A wise businessman once said: “websites are the free nachos that enable us to sell more drinks”. 

With ‘drinks’ he meant any other digital product or service that their company offers such as social media ads, content creation, digital marketing, etc.

If you can get your foot in the door by selling an ‘optimized for their niche’ website at a low price, you’ve got great leverage and trust to start selling other products on the backend. 

Selling websites is very lucrative

If you have the right system, selling websites at scale becomes very lucrative. Even if you don’t have any experience, anyone can start a WaaS.

Agencies and developers have been trying to crack this nut for years. Managed WordPress Hosting and WordPress Multisite have been created as a result of this.

Each of these solutions has great implementations for their specific use cases. But scaling WordPress websites as products has never been possible using multi-tenant cloud hosting infrastructure. Until now.

You’ve probably seen this one coming, but WPCS is actually the only provider of a complete system that handles the multiplication and management of websites at scale. In short, it turns WordPress into Saas. You can create a WaaS, or a SaaS, with our no-code platform, utilizing the entire WordPress open-source ecosystem.

WPCS is the first SaaS specifically built to enable anyone to start a Website as a Service (WaaS) business. Using our multi-tenant cloud hosting platform, you can start creating website products today.

First, it doesn’t require a lot of startup capital. You need a website for your product and in-depth knowledge of a niche. If you already have a network in your target niche, you’re in business.

Second, you can automate almost the entire process from sale to launch. All you have to take care of is selling the websites and handling fulfillment (which you can easily delegate.)

We’ve experienced firsthand how lucrative selling websites at scale can be if you have the proper software to support it. 
That’s why we built the world’s first WordPress multi-tenant cloud hosting platform.

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