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Migrate to WPCS with WPCS Migration Plugin

Import note: Multisite Functionality coming soon!

The WPCS Migration plugin currently only imports single WordPress installations. Sign up for a free trial and we’ll send you an update on our soon-to-be-launched Multisite Migration feature!

Sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Use our free WordPress plugin to migrate your sites to WPCS yourself. Here’ how:

Download the WPCS Migration plugin

Create a Product in the WPCS Console

  • Create a Product and give it a name

Create API Keys

  • After clicking Submit, open the Product
  • In the left menubar inside the WPCS Console, select the API Keys tab
  • Create an API key, make sure to give it a recognizable name
  • Once the key and secret are created, keep the window open while you go through the rest of the steps

Open the WordPress installation you want to migrate to WPCS

  • Open the WP-admin and select “Add Plugins”, then “Upload Plugin”
  • Choose the .zip file containing the Migration Plugin and upload it to your WP install
  • Activate the plugin, go to Plugin Overview and select “Settings”

Enter API region and Credentials

  • The WPCS API Region is either EU1 or US1
  • Copy/paste the WPCS API Key and Secret from the pop-up window inside the Console
  • Click update, the Migration Plugin will notify if your credentials are successfully validated

Export your WP install as Version

  • Go to “Export” tab and select “Export to WPCS as Version”.

This will first create a Version in which your websites (Tenants) will live

  • You can give it a name and select the version of WordPress and PHP. The Migration plugin will tell you which versions your WP install is currently using
  • Export options also include to “Skip uploads”.

Skip uploads is used when your WP install exceeds 4GB. When your site exceeds 4GB, this option will be automatically selected,

Please keep in mind that the Version is your development environment: the place where you centrally develop and manage the functionality of all your sites. As such, it doesn’t need your uploads.

When you import your website as a tenant (in the steps to follow), your uploads will always be imported also.

Import your WP install as a Tenant

  • Only once your Version is successfully launched in WPCS, will you be able to import the site as a Tenant
  • Import options include names and an “External ID” which is helpful if you want to use webhooks for automation
  • Import options also include choosing the WPCS Version, in case you have several

If you have multiple websites that you wish to host under a single version: repeat the process of importing Tenants once you have created your Version.

Extra: How to merge completely different sites into 1 WPCS Version

Keep in mind that the functionality of all your websites has to already be present in the Version before you import your sites as Tenants. If you have a portfolio of technically similar websites, you don’t have to do anything else. You can just repeat the process of uploading the WPCS Migration Plugin to the WP Admin of each site and import the site as a Tenant to WPCS.

However, if you want to import a portfolio of technically different sites into a single Version: Watch this webinar for more information on how to merge your agency’s website portfolio in WPCS where each website has a different tech stack.


You can get your sites up and running on the WPCS platform using our free WordPress plugin to accomplish it yourself, or give us a few site specifics and let our WordPress professionals handle it. 

We’ll have your sites over for you to review and bring them live within 3 business days. Contact us through the Contact Request button on the Migration page.

Need help with the migration of your Multisite? Fill in the migration form, and we’ll do it for you hassle-free.

For those migrating from a multisite setup, we’ll automatically create stand-alone WP installations for all your subsites and load them into your Console under the tab Tenants. 

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You can get your sites up and running on the WPCS platform using our free WordPress Migration plugin

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