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Complete control with multi tenant WordPress

As a website as a service (WaaS) owner, your priority is to ensure scalability, security, and control over your business. However, achieving all three can be a challenge, and oftentimes, focusing on one may mean sacrificing another. In this article, we’ll discuss the limitations of using a closed CMS and multisite setup for your WaaS and why a multi tenant architecture is the secure and scalable solution you need.

Closed CMS and Multisite Limitations

A closed CMS, such as Duda, can be limiting in terms of flexibility, customization, and control over your website product. Migrating to a different platform may not be a viable option, either, as it could be costly, time-consuming, and may lead to data loss. On the other hand, using a multisite setup can present challenges, such as the inability to restrict plugins on individual sites, which can pose a security risk. Additionally, if one website on the multisite network gets hacked, it becomes a central point of weakness for the entire network.

Benefits of Multi Tenant Architecture

A multi tenant architecture provides a more secure and scalable solution for your WaaS. With a multi tenant setup, each customer has their own complete standalone WordPress install and separate database. This means that if one customer’s website gets hacked, it does not affect other customers’ websites. It also offers complete control over each aspect of your WaaS product using the entire ecosystem of WordPress plugins, themes, or page builders.

Leveraging the True Power of WordPress Open Source with WPCS

The platform that can help you leverage the true power of WordPress open source with multi tenant architecture is the WPCS. WPCS offers a scalable and secure solution that enables WaaS companies to deliver a high-performance WordPress Applications to their customers. Sign up for your free trial today, and try for yourself.

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