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Build a Shopify SaaS Clone using WordPress, WooCommerce, WPCS & Kubernetes

“Hello SaaS Builders & Creators

I have been playing around with WPCS for the past weeks and I got a grasp of the platform. I worked during the past weekend to create a complete Shopify Clone where customers can buy a subscription and spin their own WooCommerce installation.

I recorded a video about my process, and findings and built the whole example. I published it on my YouTube channel.

Hope it will be helpful and happy to answer your comments”

Abdu Tawfik

About Abdu

Abdu is an amazing dev, very knowledgeable about WordPress and Kubernetes (not too many of those around), and a fun guy from Berlin.

Next to being a dev with a full-time job, Abdu is also a Youtuber. In this video, he shows you how to build a Shopify-like SaaS application that can be iterated on. He uses WordPress, WooCommerce, and WPCS to build a complete Shopify SaaS Clone that will allow his customers to subscribe to a plan (based in several different Versions) and get their own e-commerce website.

But, he didn’t just build a working Shopify clone, he even posted his plugin for free on Git!

Click here for Git repository.

Video Content:

Click on timestamps for direct link

00:00:00 : Introduction & Demo Showcase

00:01:38 : Why WordPress for SaaS

00:03:18 : WordPress SaaS Architecture

00:06:39 : Shopify Clone SaaS Architecture

00:13:23 : Building SaaS Landing Website

00:22:12 : Scaling using WPCS powered on Kubernetes

00:25:26 : Creating Shopify Clone Tiers on WPCS

00:42:50 : Connecting Stripe to Shopify Clone Storefront

00:45:27 : Demo test – Creating WPCS k8s tenants with WooCommerce

00:48:36 : Snapshots and Deploy on WPCS

00:56:57 : Custom plugin code discussion

01:04:17 : Takeaways

Connect on social media: – Twitter: https://twitter.com/abduvik – Medium: https://abduvik.medium.com/ – LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abduvik/ – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abduvik/ – Github: https://github.com/abduvik Freelancing: – Portfolio: https://www.flexnebula.com/portfolio/

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