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Migrate to WPCS with WPCS Migration Plugin

You can get your sites up and running on the WPCS platform using our free WordPress Migration plugin

How to automate your Website as a Service (WaaS) - Storefront included!

How to automate the sale and launch of your websites using a storefront with the WPCS API, WooCommerce, and Uncanny Automator.

Importing A Site Using the WPCS CLI

Using LocalWP to install and build our local WP installation and send it to WPCS with the CLI

Importing a site into WPCS using All in One WP Migration Plugin

How to easily create an export of your existing WP site using the All in One Migration plugin and import this into WPCS as a version.

How to Add Custom Domains to Your WordPress SaaS

A killer plugin to provision custom domains for your WordPress-based SaaS.

Add a custom subdomain when customers purchase a website in your storefront

Map a WooCommerce custom field to AutomatorWP to add a custom subdomain when customers purchase a website in your storefront

Update the WP admin E-mail without confirmation

Automate changing the admin-email in the general WordPress settings for your new customers

Communicate WPCS' DNS data to your customers

When your customers want to use a custom domain and they manage its DNS themselves

Branded temporary tenant domains

Create tenants with pretty temporary domain names via the WPCS API

Creating tenants with Zapier

Create a Zapier action that creates a tenant using the WPCS API as an action

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