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Course Outcomes

A step-by-step program on how WordPress can be leveraged to build 7 figure+ businesses that compete with proprietary giants

A wordPress based saas

Create a scalable low-touch WordPress-based SaaS

Experience unlimited performance, bandwidth, usage, and scalability with multi-tenant cloud hosting.

You learn how to create separate WP installations that scale independently, but are shared in functionality.

Plugin stack

Leverage the plugin stack that will hypercharge your growth

The WordPress ecosystem is vast. Knowing which plugins to use sigificantly shortens your development cycle.

We propose a stack that works well on the platform. We will also discuss how to configure them.

and scale

Learn and build the automations that will enable your business to grow beyond 7-figures

Customer onboarding, lifecycle management, up and downselling, we’ll make sure your setup is ready for scale.

Everything will be hosted in your WordPress solution. Not a single line of code is needed.


The course naturally progresses from first building a foundational understanding of WordPress, the WPCS platform, to building out your solution, all the way to creating the automations that enable you to scale.

Unique features of WPCS


Websites always live in a Version. Within a Version, all websites have the same functionality. This enables a SaaS-like development cycle that’s continuous and 100% confident


Your websites are Tenants in WPCS. They are seperate WordPress installs, but share functionality. All themefiles, plugins, and language files are shared under the same Version.


You deploy a Snapshot when you want to send changes to your Version directly to all Tenants. Snapshots also function as templates when (automatically) launching new Tenants

tenant snapshots

You can create different templates for different products or plans to sell, that are still managed in one Version. You can unlock this by creating Snapshots of Tenants that live in the same Version.


WPCS will enable local development and lets you build a CI/CD pipeline that deploy new Versions in WPCS, and move Tenants



Connect external systems to WPCS, such as Zapier, Uncanny Automator. 


Scale your business by automatically launching websites templates, up-and down selling plans, and avoiding the hassle of non-paying customers. 

In Module 7

Tenant Lifecycle (creation & deletion)

Easily spin up new WordPress installations without lifting a finger

Make API calls directly from your Storefront and create news tenant completely tailored to your customers order. All done automatically.

End of the lifecycle? Simply remove the installation after a customer has cancelled their account.

In Module 7

Maintenance mode

Suspend your customers account temporarily

Either because a customer has indicated to pauze their subscription or your payment processor hasn’t been able to charge their account.

This automation shows how that’s easily done. Automatically switch maintenance mode from an individual tenant on or off based on certain triggers.

In Module 8

Advanced onboarding Sequence

The automation to guarantee a fully automated onboarding sequence

Using this automation you completely eliminate yourself from onboarding customers.

Domain changes, creation of personal email domains and record display are shown in an advanced automated set-up

Automaticlly communicate back and forth with customers based on centrain triggers while they are building their own website.

In Module 9

Easy Up-and-down selling

Using clever feature pricing, compelling customers to scale to larger plans

This automation introduces a clever method how customers can easily switch between plans without losing data.

Let your Storefront and product seamlessly work together by creating these automations in your version and Storefront.

Let your customers control their plan by making sure the account page is configured correctly.

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