We just raised $735,000 to introduce the world to multi-tenant WordPress.

Ongoing Consulting

Work with a dedicated WPCS  Consultant to achieve your goals using the Multi-tenant Cloud platform 

What’s Included in Ongoing Consulting

With ongoing technical consulting, you’ll have a dedicated Consultant to meet with regularly. Your consultant will gain an in-depth understanding of your systems, tech stack, and business, and provide strategic and technical guidance that helps you meet your goals.

What to expect with Ongoing Technical Consulting

Personal Contact

1:1 relationship with a Multi-tenant WordPress expert

Technical guidance

Technical expertise and guidance for your IT, operations

Platform assisance

Assistance planning and executing on WPCS’s infrastructure and integration projects

Modern DevOps

A guide to help you build and optimise your team’s processes 

Key Details

Price: $879,- p/m

Setting: Remote, Video Call 

Duration: Up to 5h per month




Prefer to work on a one-time project?

Work with a dedicated WPCS Consultant on an ongoing basis to help achieve long-term tool- or strategy-based goals.

One time project

With one-time technical consulting, you’ll have a dedicated Consultant who will listen to your goals, and design a plan to get you where you want to be.

We’ll work to understand the scope of your technical project, design a solution, and support your team through the implementation.


  • $197,- p/h 
  • Format: Live Video 


per month

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