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We don’t assume you’re ready to migrate your production sites next week. 

But the sooner you send us a copy of your websites, the longer you can experience the real-life benefits during your trial.

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No, I will migrate it myself


Here’s a quick overview of what we think an ideal customer journey is when trying WPCS. 

STEP 1: Try

Try the platform and discover why you need to switch

Send us a copy of your website stack, we’ll upload it into WPCS within 24 hours. Get a real-life feel of the platform and the potential for your business. 


This is the call that we’re about to book. Let’s talk about…

We’ll take a quick dive into your use case, current stack, setup, and requirements. Based on that, we’ll recommend what to do next. 

STEP 3: Migrate

Once you’re sold (excuse the confidence), we do the heavy lifting

We’ll make sure that the switch to production from your old stack to WPCS does not result in downtime or any form of inconvenience for your clients.

STEP 4: Optimise

Improve your product after migration. Hassle-free forever.

This is the easy part: WPCS allows you to quickly make improvements or do overdue maintenance, resulting in a better service that you can charge more for.

Our Offer

We offer free hands-on migration service if you decide to migrate within the 30 days of your trial.

The sooner you do, the longer you get to experience the benefits of WPCS for your business during your trial.

We assist with (almost) everything:

✅ We discuss the specifics 

✅ You send us an export of your main product and websites

✅ We upload onto WPCS

✅ Optional: recommendation and set-by-step process on how to best improve your installation 

✅ Check in regularly to discuss progress and scalability

✅ Guide you through the setup and automation

✅ We’re available for tips and advice

So, what are you waiting for?

Our account director is literally refreshing his calendar right now, hoping to see your meeting pop up.

We’re talking someone who’s only job it is to make sure that we only onboard users that really fit our ideal customer profile and gets promoted or demoted based on how well he’s serving these people.

Put him out of his misery, book that call. It’s only 20 minutes.

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