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Don’t spend time migrating your websites, easily switch to multi-tenant WordPress

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Get your sites up and running on the WPCS platform using a variety of simple migration techniques. Use our free WordPress plugin to accomplish it yourself, or give us a few site specifics and let our WordPress professionals handle it. 

Free migration plugin

Migrate your own websites at your own pace, download our free WordPress plugin.

Expert help

Let our team handle the migration process. We’ll let you know, once it’s finished.

download & install

WPCS's free migration plugin

Download and install the plugin on your WordPress site. Connect to WPCS using your API credentials.

All the heavy lifting will be done for you at the click of a button. Wait for the notification to appear and the migration is finished.

Get the plugin here (multisite support coming soon.)

Get the plugin right away

It’s the quickest method to get your website on WPCS and benefit from multi-tenant WordPress today 

“”After using WPCS for just a few minutes I immediately realized how powerful but yet beautifully simple they’ve made the entire Multi Tenancy process.”

Dustin Snider

CEO @ DS Development Solutions

WordPress experts

Leave it to our team

Have our team do the entire migration for you. We’ll have your sites over for you to review and bring them live within 3 business days.

Step 1: Sign-up & apply

Create a WPCS account and provide us with a few details about your websites or setup. 

Step 2: A copy on WPCs

We relocate a duplicate of your site to a temporary domain, allowing you to compare your current site on the old host with WPCS. 

Step 3: Take it live

You’ll add the domains, point DNS, and when everything is in order, you’re prepared to go live. We have walkthroughs for every single step.

Our Guarantee

We will complete your migration hassle-FREE

“We ensure a quick and smooth onboarding process, free of cost. Our mission to make sure you adopt a SaaS-like approach to your business in one swift move.”

Wijnand van leeuwen



Yes, you migrate your sites using our free plugin. Need help with migration, fill in the migration form, and we’ll do it for you hassle-free.

For those migrating from a multisite setup, we’ll automatically create stand alone WP installations for all your subsites and load them into your Console under the tab Tenants. 

Yes, you can test your site on WPCS before changing the DNS. You can add a subdomain like test.yoursite.com, point the DNS of only the subdomain to WPCS, and then compare it to your current site. 


Once you’re done testing, you can easily one-click restore your site. Depending on how often data is changing on your live site, you might simply end up doing a fresh migration after you’ve tested.

Yes, we have a 30 day free trial period. Your Basic Subscription is free for 30 days, this includes 1 Product, 2 Versions, and 3 Tenants. Enough to get started and experience the power and performance of WPCS. Additional Versions and Tenants are $15 per month. 

After signing up, you’ll be able to request free hands-on migration immediately. We’ll directly book a call, discuss details, and schedule the migration event. 

  • We will complete your migrations as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours, but it could take up to 3 business days
  • You’ll be notified of your migration status by our team and you can track the status in the WPCS dashboard 

Moving your site to WPCS usually won’t incur any downtime. Our team will notify you when they’re finished along with how to preview your site before going live.

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