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Get your sites up and running on the WPCS platform using a variety of simple migration techniques. Use our free WordPress plugin to accomplish it yourself, or give us a few site specifics and let our WordPress professionals handle it. 

Free migration plugin

Migrate your own websites at your own pace, download our free WordPress plugin.

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Let our team handle the migration process. We’ll let you know, once it’s finished.

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WPCS's free migration plugin

Download and install the plugin on your WordPress site. Connect to WPCS using your API credentials.

All the heavy lifting will be done for you at the click of a button. Wait for the notification to appear and the migration is finished.

Get the plugin here

View migration article here

Get the plugin right away

It’s the quickest method to get your website on WPCS and benefit from multi-tenant WordPress today 

“”After using WPCS for just a few minutes I immediately realized how powerful but yet beautifully simple they’ve made the entire Multi Tenancy process.”

Dustin Snider

CEO @ DS Development Solutions

WordPress experts

Leave it to our team

Have our team do the entire migration for you. We’ll have your sites over for you to review and bring them live within 3 business days.

Step 1: Sign-up & apply

Create a WPCS account and provide us with a few details about your websites or setup. 

Step 2: A copy on WPCs

We relocate a duplicate of your site to a temporary domain, allowing you to compare your current site on the old host with WPCS. 

Step 3: Take it live

You’ll add the domains, point DNS, and when everything is in order, you’re prepared to go live. We have walkthroughs for every single step.

Our Guarantee

We will complete your migration hassle-FREE

“We ensure a quick and smooth onboarding process, free of cost. Our mission to make sure you adopt a SaaS-like approach to your business in one swift move.”

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Frequently asked questions

The process for migrating single websites to WPCS typically involves the following steps:

  1. Setting up a new WPCS account
  2. Create a new application.
  3. Choose importing an existing site
  4. Installing our migration plugin onto your old site
  5. Following the steps explaining once you installed the plugin
  6. Creating an import into WPCS
  7. Testing your website to ensure that everything has been migrated correctly
  8. Updating DNS settings to point to WPCS

If you intend to migrate subsites from a multisite network or large quantities of sites, kindly reach out to us.

Some technical expertise is recommended to perform a website migration. However, we’ve made migrating single-sites incredibly easy using our migration plugin, as it provides a user-friendly interface and documentation to guide you through the process.

Yes, we can give guidance on the migration process when you have the Professional service level and above. We also offer services for more complex migration processes in our Enterprise service plan.

WPCS provides a variety of resources to help you with your migration, including documentation, tutorials, and our community. If you are experiencing any technical issues, you can also contact WPCS’s support team for assistance if you are subscribed to the Professional service plan and above.

WPCS primarily supports the migration of WordPress websites. However, we can also accommodate migrations for other popular CMS platforms like Drupal and Joomla on a case-by-case basis. If your website is built using a different technology or platform, please contact our support team to discuss the feasibility of migrating your website to WPCS. Note that certain limitations or requirements may apply depending on the specific platform or technology used.

While our migration plugin is designed to ensure a smooth transition for most WordPress websites, some plugins or themes may experience compatibility issues when migrating to WPCS. We recommend reviewing our list of known incompatible plugins and themes in our documentation before starting the migration process. If you encounter any compatibility issues during the migration, our support team can help recommend alternative plugins or themes that are compatible with WPCS.

The time required to migrate a website to WPCS can vary depending on the size of your website. On average, an import can take anywhere from a few minutes up to thirty minutes. When WPCS handles the migration for you it may take up to 5 business days.

Migrating a single-site to WPCS using our migration plugin is free of charge. However, additional costs may apply if you require professional migration assistance, which is available for users subscribed to the Professional service level and above. Moreover, data transfer costs may apply depending on your existing hosting provider’s policies. We recommend reviewing your hosting provider’s terms and conditions to understand any potential costs associated with migrating your website.

Not when you create an import to WPCS. Though, your website may be down for a few seconds when you update the DNS settings to WPCS. It is recommended to schedule the migration during a time when website traffic is low to minimize the impact on your visitors.

Our migration plugin helps to ensure that the website’s design and functionality will not be affected by the migration. However, it is always a good idea to test your website thoroughly after the import before changing the DNS settings to ensure everything is working as expected.

The migration process should not affect your website’s SEO. However, it is important to monitor your website’s traffic and rankings after the migration to ensure that there are no issues.

You will need to update the DNS settings for your domain to point to WPCS. This involves updating the A records for your domain to point to WPCS’s servers. We provide detailed instructions on how to update your DNS settings in our documentation.

Yes, you can migrate your website to another hosting provider if you are not satisfied with WPCS. The process for migrating your website away from WPCS will vary depending on your new hosting provider’s requirements and platform. You’ll need to follow their migration guidelines and export your website data from WPCS. Keep in mind that some hosting providers may offer migration services to assist you in the process.

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