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Unlimited performance and scalability with our WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform

Our Process

The sooner you send us a copy of your websites, the longer you can experience the benefits for your business during your free trial. If it’s not a fit, we’ll delete it before you incur any costs.

Step 1 : Try

Try the platform and learn why you need to switch

You can upload your own WP product into the editor, or start from scratch. Have a feel of the platform and the potential for your business.

Step 2: Book

Schedule a quick migration call. You will be briefed on…

We’ll take a quick dive into your current stack, setup, and requirements. Based on that, we’ll recommend how to create an export to send over to us.

Step 3: Migrate

Follow our lead. We do the heavy lifting for you

After receiving an export of your stack, we import in batches and check in regularly. We make sure that everything is set up for scale in WPCS before we switch to production.

Step 4: Optimise

Improve your product after migration.

This is the easy part: WPCS allows you to quickly make improvements or do overdue maintenance, resulting in a better service that you can charge more for.

Our Guarantee

We will complete your migration hassle-FREE.

“We ensure a quick and smooth onboarding process, free of cost. Our mission to make sure you adopt a SaaS-like approach to your business in one swift move.”

Wijnand van leeuwen


See what clients have said
about their WPCS experience

“WPCS’ Multi-Tenancy product puts my mind at ease because plugins work the way they should, like on single self-hosted sites, and you can manage your clients from the main site.”

Boun Vilailath

Owner @ Monnete

“WPCS is just a great service. From now on, managing hunderds of WordPress sites is a breeze. With just a few clicks all of them are updated or provided with a new feature/plugin.

No more stress to break things. Simply start a new environment (tenant) to see results before deploying to all production websites.”

Jerôme de Groot

James K.

CEO @ Nedac Sorbo

“It’s such a pleasure to see changes made to my version site pass down to my tenants. It’s great that they are standalone WP sites, without the compatibility issues.
We have a window of technical advantage to exploit until the World catches on that multi-tenancy is available.”

Ken Lyle

Owner @ The Tattoo Platform

“After using WPCS for just a few minutes I immediately realized how powerful but yet beautifully simple they’ve made the entire Multi Tenancy process, a process that’s never quite been known as such.

Multi Tenancy has long been known to be the ultimate solution to the limitations of WordPress Multisite, as well as the true enablement of WaaS and SaaS on WordPress.”

dustin Snider

CEO @ DS Development Solutions

Our Solution

Known for solving the biggest problem WaaS companies face: confident, continuous scaling.

Ifyou haven’t already, watch the video in which Roger, co-founder and CCO, explains how WPCS is solving all three scaling issues of WordPress simultaneously. 

“Honestly, we didn’t anticipate solving a problem of this magnitude when we started building towards multi-tenant WordPress for our agency. We just wanted to scratch our own itch. Very quickly, we were supported by institutional VCs, Angels, and got the attention of the world’s largest hosting companies. That was a real aha-moment.” – Roger Rosweide

"It was an unbelievable solution to my scaling issue"

“After using WPCS for just a few minutes I immediately realized how powerful but yet beautifully simple they’ve made the entire Multi Tenancy process, a process that’s never quite been known as such.


A subscription at WPCS includes free migration of your stack to WPCS. You can request additional migrations by submitting them under Migrations to the WPCS Support channel.

For those migrating from a multisite setup, we’ll automatically create stand alone WP installations for all your subsites and load them into your Console under the tab Tenants. 

Yes, you can test your site on WPCS before changing the DNS. You can add a subdomain like test.yoursite.com, point the DNS of only the subdomain to WPCS, and then compare it to your current site. 


Once you’re done testing, you can easily one-click restore your site. Depending on how often data is changing on your live site, you might simply end up doing a fresh migration after you’ve tested.

Yes, we have a 30 day free trial period. Your Basic Subscription is free for 30 days, this includes 1 Product, 2 Versions, and 3 Tenants. Enough to get started and experience the power and performance of WPCS. Additional Versions and Tenants are $15 per month. 

After signing up, you’ll be able to request free hands-on migration immediately. We’ll directly book a call, discuss details, and schedule the migration event. 

  • We will complete your migrations as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours, but it could take up to 3 business days
  • You’ll be notified of your migration status by our team and you can track the status in the WPCS dashboard 

Moving your site to WPCS usually won’t incur any downtime. Our team will notify you when they’re finished along with how to preview your site before going live.

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