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Metered Pricing Plan

Discover the perfect pricing plan for your needs with our flexible metered pricing model, designed for businesses with variable workloads and performance requirements.

Metered Pricing Plan

Container Options

The metered pricing plan provides cost-effective, pay-as-you-go pricing for applications with fluctuating workloads. Only pay for the container hours used to run your application.

Small Container

General Purpose Container

Heavy Duty Container

Accessible to all users

How It Works

Gain flexibility and potential cost savings with a metered pricing model. Ideal for unpredictable usage or traffic, such as occasional peaks.

Imagine you have 20 sites running on one application. You’ve configured your product to use a General Purpose container ($17/month each) with a minimum of 3 containers (for high availability) and a maximum of 40 (to handle peaks).

Your tenants use 1 GB of storage and are backed up once per day. CronJobs on your sites run daily. You have 2 inactive versions and a Professional service plan.

Monthly Operational Costs

Tenant Base$40 (20 sites x $2)
Service Level$60


Compute Costs

ItemMin Compute CostsMax Compute Costs
Containers3 x $17 = $5140 x $17 = $680


Per-Tenant Costs

Cost per Tenant$8.85$38.45

In this example, with 2 hours of peak usage every day requiring all 40 containers, and 22 hours of off-peak usage requiring only 3 containers, the total compute cost would be $102.01, resulting in a per-tenant cost of $5.10 (plus base and backup costs).

Set up a minimum and maximum number of containers for your application.

Your costs will be based on actual container hours used within a subscription for each month.

Enjoy the flexibility to handle peak and off-peak periods with ease.

Frequently asked questions

The Metered Plan is a flexible pricing option that allows you to pay only for the total amount of container hours used to run your application. This plan is perfect for websites with varying traffic and resource needs, providing a cost-effective solution without sacrificing performance.

Unlike pre-configured pricing, the Metered Plan allows you to set up a minimum and maximum number of containers to be utilized for your application. This introduces more variability in terms of costs, however, you will only be billed for resource consumption. It is ideal for websites with inconsistent traffic patterns or fluctuating resource requirements.

Container usage is based on the total amount of container hours used within a subscription for a given month. You select a minimum and maximum number of containers that can be utilized, and you are only charged for the actual container hours used.

Yes, you can choose from three container types for your application: Small, General Purpose, and Heavy Duty. Each type has different CPU and memory allocations, allowing you to select the most suitable option based on your application’s needs. You can switch at any time in a given month. 

To calculate the total cost per tenant, you need to consider the following components:

  • Tenant Base
  • Backups
  • CronJobs
  • Compute Costs (minimum and maximum)

The sum of these components will give you the total cost per tenant. Keep in mind that the actual compute costs may vary based on the number of container hours used. This also included operational costs (versions, snapshots and service level.) 

While the Metered Plan offers a less predictable pricing structure compared to fixed plans, you can still estimate your costs by considering the minimum and maximum container limits you set. The minimum compute costs will give you an idea of the least you’ll spend, while the maximum compute costs provide an upper bound for your expenses.

Yes, you can switch between the Metered Plan and a fixed pricing plan. If you find that your resource requirements or traffic patterns have changed, you can always choose the most suitable plan to optimize your costs and performance.

To sign up for the Metered Plan, sign-up for a free trial. hen, select a service level and configure your application. 

If you need help or have any questions about the plan, feel free to contact our support team.

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