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Laser focused on the WordPress layer, for a most efficient WaaS

Laser focused on the WordPress layer, for a most efficient WaaS

When a WaaS slows down…

As your WaaS business grows, having scalable infrastructure becomes critical. Naturally, the setup that served your business when you were just starting isn’t the perfect vehicle that will launch your business into your next phase of growth. 

When you’re looking to seriously scale your WaaS, a traditional multisite setup would simply hit a hard ceiling at a few hundred websites. It is at this point, where you’re going to allocate resources into working your WaaS setup, you foresee two options: 

  • Offshoring your infrastructural needs all together 
  • Hiring in-house

At this influx point, WaaS businesses often see a slowdown of growth, diminishing profit margins, a higher churn rate, and suffer from lower team morale. 

Why? Because focus is allocated away from their customer and building a great product. 

If the company has chosen an offshore team to build a custom setup from scratch, time to iterate increases. You’re running the risk of faulty code, and you could experience a massive low down of your entire operation if the setup fails to deliver. 

The solution would often be so unnecessarily complex, because the team has never truly understood all your infrastructural needs. Needless to say, you won’t get away without an expensive maintenance contract. 

The other route isn’t completely without risky tripwires either.

A WaaS business can lose its understanding of what it truly is by taking on a large team of engineers.

Where you previously only had marketers, salespeople, WordPress developers, you now have introduced Sysadmins and cloud engineers within your team. If your company culture doesn’t cater to that, a language barrier between the two departments is guaranteed. 

Your newest hires are also the most expensive members. You want them to be experienced, or else you’ll be paying the cost somewhere down the line: Faulty code, time to deploy, and a significant server bill. On top of that, you’ll need at least a team of 2-3 specialists in order to get anything done within a reasonable timeframe. 

Either one of the options will result in allocating focus away from your customer and building a great website product. Both routes inevitably won’t guarantee to install the right processes to efficiently scale and prosper to thousands of websites. 

Why reinvent the wheel?

With WPCS, the complete focus remains on the WordPress layer, no matter the scale.

We’ve created a webinar and pdf in which we give a detailed explanation of how WPCS creates the perfect setup that ensures your complete focus on your customer and WordPress product. WPCS will allow you to become lean while being dangerously competitive. 

Our WordPress multi-tenant cloud hosting platform takes care of anything else, ensuring your full focus on what matters to your client: a great WordPress product.

WPCS serves as your trusted partner that builds the best possible ecosystem to facilitate your growth, so that you can focus on adding value to your customer. 

No more wasting resources on fussing about with server stacks or hosting providers. 

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