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How to make money with a Website as a Service

How to make money with a website as a service

Websites can make you a lot of money, especially if they’re “the free nachos that sell more margheritas”. Read on to see what that means.

We highly recommend anyone to consider starting a Website as a Service. WPCS makes it easy to create and scale WordPress products using our multi-tenant cloud hosting infrastructure.

Up until now, turning websites into website products was a manual and unscalable process. What’s worse, agencies have historically been struggling with getting the pricing right.

In this article, we’ll go over the most common pitfalls of making money by creating websites. We’ll conclude each pitfall with a recommendation to solve this problem and start making more money efficiently today.

Websites cost time and money to build

WPCS enables you to put all your creativity, knowledge, and resources into the greatest website for your niche and sell it as a product at scale. 

Our multi-tenant WordPress hosting platform enables you to easily launch a Website as a Service business.

But, simply because you can launch and manage unlimited website products and only pay a small monthly fee per website doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get paid for having put the effort in.

Our recommendation: 

Charge a launching fee. After all, you’re putting time and effort into the acquisition, deal making, and launching of the website product. A launching fee, like any administrative fee makes sense. Right?

Launching a website takes many revisions

As we see it, you have two options for starting a Website as a Service: 

  1. You create a DIY website product that customers can modify and finish on their own
  2. You create a website product that you yourself modify and finish as a service

It all depends on what suits you, but in each case, there’s a business model that you can add. 

We speak from personal experience. Don’t give all your knowledge away for free. Don’t provide free services, as revisions can get out of hand, quickly.

Remember that websites, regardless how technical you want to get, remain very personal creations. All websites look different, have different goals and serve different audiences. 

Launching a website, no matter who has final control is usually a process of many iterations.

Even if you start a Website as a Service selling WordPress clones, meaning you duplicate popular websites in WordPress, watch out with revisions.

Our recommendation: 

  • Sell webinars, courses, and consultancy sessions that provide tutorials and expert advice.
  • Provide custom finish as a paid service

Websites need maintenance and improvement

WPCS charges a monthly fee to be able to maintain our high standard of maintenance, but also to keep improving our multi-tenant cloud platform and add new features. You should do the same.

What’s more, it enables you to create a product to sell now without having to ever finish optimizing the product. 

There’s always room for improvement. Charging a monthly fee creates the resources to keep investing in your WordPress website product, which is what your customers deserve.

Finally, make sure you get paid when you make a new version of your product that filled with novel features. Don’t forget that your new version took a lot of work to get done, let alone testing it. 

When you migrate websites to the new version, it’s fair to charge an additional (one-time) fee.

Our recommendation:

  • Make a list of all improvements, optimizations, and new features you want to add in the future. 
  • Charge a monthly fee and make sure you deliver updates regularly to keep customers satisfied
  • Charge for migration to new version of your product

A website is like an island, all alone in the world

This is a running gag we have at the office. WPCS has been the first cloud hosting platform ever to turn WordPress websites from individual islands into an archipelago using our multi-tenant infrastructure. Our platform enables you to launch, manage, and improve all your websites as one. 

This means that through WPCS, you now have an archipelago at your disposal: you can now manage a Website as a Service easily with WPCS.

However, once you launch a website for your customer, their website becomes an island again. This is great news because it means that WPCS solves all architectural problems with WordPress Multisite by providing a multi-tenant cloud solution.

Technically, this means that every website shares the same WordPress functionalities, but each website has its own database. This is to make sure all the “islands” don’t bother each other.

But, that does mean that individual clients may need individual service. Specifically, making sure they get found on the internet.

What we mean by that is that websites get lost like the Bermuda triangle if you don’t work on them. 

That means improving SEO, website performance, marketing campaigns, social media – it’s constant work to make sure a website gets found.

Our recommendation:

  • Offer marketing services, SEO and Adword campaigns, create content, manage social media – everything your client needs to get their website found.

Give free nachos, sell more margaritas

Now for the secret bonus tip: give away your website for (practically) free, so that you can sell more of the products listed above. 

We used to do this a lot before we started building WPCS: sell websites for cheap, capitalize on the relationship that you build from it.

It’s a great deal for any company to receive a discount on their first purchase, especially if that purchase is a great website. The trust that you create by doing that will repay itself. 

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