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Hosting Companies

Introduce multi-tenant applications next to single-tenant infrastructure 

Challenges of solely relying on single-tenant WordPress installations

Limited Revenue Streams

Limited revenue streams with single-tenant WordPress installations, as they only allow for revenue generation through pricing of hosting plans. 

Limited Customer Experience

Single-tenant WordPress installations result in a subpar customer experience, particularly for first-time users, due to their limited functionality.

Limited Differentiation

Offering only single-tenant WordPress installations makes it difficult for hosting companies to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Multi-tenant WordPress

Better WordPress experiences

Enhance your users’ WordPress journey with multi-tenant applications that offer an intuitive and engaging experience, delivering value from day one. 

Easy migration

Easily move client installs
at any time

Move clients to single-site installs at any time, giving you the freedom and flexibility to adapt to changing client needs and ensure long-term satisfaction.

Hosting companies

Multi-tenant applications

Applications that bring the WordPress experience to the next level, helping users achieve their business growth goals with ease.

Increased Revenue Streams

Unlock new revenue streams beyond just the pricing of existing hosting plans through value-added services. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Leverage these applications to provide their customers with useful tools and services that enhance the WordPress experience, particularly for first-time users

Competitive Edge In The Market

Multi-tenant SaaS applications help hosting companies stand out from the pack by providing unique and valuable services. 

“WPCS’ Multi-Tenancy product puts my mind at ease because plugins work the way they should, like on single self-hosted sites, and you can manage your clients from the main site.”

Boun Vilailath

Owner @ Monnete

Multi-tenant WordPress for
Hosting Companies


Unmatched hosting in terms of performance, uptime, and scaling. Sites on WPCS are powered by Amazon Web Services global datacenters, enabling worldwide page loads in under a second.

Enterprise-Grade Security

WordPress installs are always protected thanks to fully managed HTTPS certificates, DDOS defense, regular backups, and scheduled updates.

Advanced Dev Tools

Your team has all the tools they need to use Git-based workflows and feature branching to build, test, and deploy sites in real-time.

SaaS architecture

Multi-tenant WordPress has no architectural limitations, allowing hosting companies to manage an infinite amount of sites from a single dashboard.

Dedicated support

Hosting companies receive priority response times and 24x7x365 access to our support staff and performance specialists via email, phone, and video conferencing.

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