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Turn any WordPress asset
into a SaaS solution

Centrally update and push changes to your customer base in a reliable way  

Building a WordPress site is complex

These are just some of the hurdles your customers need to overcome to build a website – and it’s likely costing you sales

Finding Hosting

Finding the right hosting provider and setting up hosting

adding Domain name

Buying and adding a domain name


Selecting Theme

Selecting a compatible theme and installing these on the WP website

implementing Plugin stack

Choosing a plugin stack that’s perfect for the business

Build and scale
a WordPress hosted solution

Use WPCS to create a hosted solution to decrease the complexities of getting started with WordPress

multi-tenant WordPRess

Container-based infrastructure provides quick scalability, availability, and resilience. Manage an infinite amount of WP installations. Develop centrally like a SaaS.

Advanced dev tools

Run your application on AWS’ cloud services. Leverage modern DevOps tools to build, launch and scale your business. 

Bring MRR upstream and increase Customer Lifetime Value 

These companies
already have build a
hosted solution

WPCS is the world’s first WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform to manage thousands of websites as if it’s only one.

As an agency, we identified the need to build easy and accessible WordPress websites for our multi-location clients – however, management at scale was always a challenge. 

We build a solution to bring the principles, in term of technological innovation that made SaaS companies succesful over the past 15 years, and introduce them to the most powerful open-source CMS in the world. 

– Wijnand van Leeuwen (CEO WPCS.io)

Earn more, develop efficient, build safer

The world’s first WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform enables you to create any solution in WordPress. Provision highly-available tenants (websites) with shared functionality but separate content. This enables you to develop and distribute changes like a SaaS.

Import WordPres assets

Import your themes or plugin stack into a Version

Easily create a SaaS-like development cycle that’s continuous and 100% confident.

WPCS enables instant implementation of modern DevOps to your hosted solution.

Leverage Tenant Snapshots

Create templates for products or plans. 

Centrally build the functionalities that are required for your solution.

Use the API to automatically provision new tenants (websites) that share functionality, but are separate in content.

Simple management

Management remains simple.

Our simple UI and WPCS CLI enables local development and lets you build a CI/CD pipeline. 

Easy management, we handle all the technical stuff. As close to serverless as you can get.

Version control keeps your life easy

Deploy with 100% confidence.

Create a separate environment to safely develop features.

Test changes. Easily move your entire client base to a new production version.

See what other companies say
about WPCS

“WPCS’ Multi-Tenancy product puts my mind at ease because plugins work the way they should, like on single self-hosted sites, and you can manage your clients from the main site.”

Boun Vilailath

Owner @ Monnete

The Best Service. I highly recommend WPCS. A Great Team and Great Service.

Muhammad YasirLyle

Owner @ Master Solutions

“After using WPCS for just a few minutes I immediately realized how powerful but yet beautifully simple they’ve made the entire Multi Tenancy process, a process that’s never quite been known as such.

Multi Tenancy has long been known to be the ultimate solution to the limitations of WordPress Multisite, as well as the true enablement of WaaS and SaaS on WordPress.”

dustin Snider

CEO @ DS Development Solutions

Amazing team behind this company! Looking forward to utilizing their multi-tenant WordPress solution more and more.

Brandon A. Ernst

CEO @ Gaucho Plugins / Brand on Fire LLC


Due to the scalable nature of WPCS, tenants do not run on the same type of machine, or even container, for every request. This means we need to talk in terms of PHP processes.

A single PHP process is by default allowed to use up to 0.5 CPUs and 256MB memory. You can contact us to increase the available resources for a single PHP process.

To summarize, how much CPU and RAM your tenant has depends on how busy the site is. The more your site is accessed and the more resources it needs, the more resources our systems will assign to your tenant. This makes sure your tenant is always available and performant.

We provide unlimited storage and bandwidth, based on our Fair Use Policy. This should work for almost all use-cases. A notable exception to this rule is video hosting. If you want to play videos on your Tenants (websites), please make sure these are hosted elsewhere.

If we do find you in breach of the Fair Use Policy, we will first contact you to see if we can come to a solution. If a solution is not viable, we will add fees.

Our pricing is flat, keeping our Fair Use Policy in mind. Getting a lot of traffic on a single tenant will simply scale up your product.

We will contact you if your product exceeds our Fair Use Policy in terms of resource usage. This hasn’t happened yet with any of our clients. We will always contact you first whenever it may happen to find a solution. 

SSL Certificates are included. Our SSL certificates are provisioned using Let’s Encrypt’s services. They are based on single domains. So subdomain1.mywebsite.com and subdomain2.mywebsite.com receive separate certificates on different tenants.

No, we don’t provide dedicated IPs. A shared IP is quite common nowadays with most WordPress hosting providers as for many configurations, there is no need for a dedicated IP address. 

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