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Highly available websites at reasonable cost, at any scale.

Highly available websites at reasonable cost, at any scale.

What is a High-Performing website?

As a WordPress development agency, or WaaS business, you’re probably confident (you should be) that you can easily tackle the performance challenges of a single install.

When you’re looking to scale to thousands of websites, performance challenges amplify as websites multiply.

We’ll elaborate on these challenges and introduce our approach below.

The challenges of scaling websites

The worst-case scenario: the underlying infrastructure (servers, load balancers, etc) fails, resulting in losing uptime.

To avoid that, you need to take this into account:

Keeping track of what data one user is allowed to consume, at what time but the other is not. Scaling up to thousands, or even millions, of users makes this even harder.

You want your application to scale automatically, growing in strength when demand grows, and cutting down in costs when demand fades for the night. This setup requires your application to be built in a specific way. This might require a very time-intensive refactor, or even wholly new modules, to allow for your scaling to be automatic.

Making applications such as WordPress cloud-native, resilient, and highly available is, simply put, pretty hard. Implementing these basic tenets requires experience with cloud infrastructure, network design, geolocation-based hardware, etc.

Needless to say, you want to be good at those, or else you’ll bleed money on an inflexible infrastructure.

All of these skills are enough to build a company around by itself. Hence, there are dozens of companies that provide cloud services.

In order to scale efficiently, you want to be able to focus on your customer, your product, and marketing. The burden of maintaining an efficient infrastructure increases as you’re scaling your success. Though, taking on the challenge to create the perfect scaling set-up takes significant resources away from your customer, your website product.

Case studie: Fysiotherapie4all.nl, zero stress in scaling their WaaS

Turning to WPCS for help solved all our scalability issues, as well as delivering us top-level service and an amazing product for our customers. I highly recommend it!”

Fysiotherapie4all.nl (+100.000 visits per month) has translated the success of their website into a website product for other physical therapists. Thanks to WPCS, they launch new WordPress websites automatically and have zero stress scaling their Website as a Service (WaaS) to all 30.000 physical therapists in the Netherlands.

Maikel Korbmacher, CEO Fysiotherapie4All.nl 

(April 6, 2021)

Full case study linked below.

WPCS offers an turn-key solution to the scaling challenges of WaaS companies, here’s how:

There is a little-known innovation that makes a huge difference in the future of building, managing, and improving thousands of websites at the same time.

This innovation is Multi-tenant WordPress. 

There is also a well-known, but poorly understood architectural challenge that plagues most WaaS founders.

We’ve spoken to dozens of WaaS founders, and this comes up again and again.

This problems always occurs when creating the perfect scaling setup, which is this:

  • All websites are completely isolated in database
  • All website share the same functionality
  • Highly available
  • High-performing
  • Automatically scalable
  • Bonus: a Git-like development process

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