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Consultancy Project

Work with a dedicated WPCS Consultant to achieve your goals using the Multi-tenant cloud platform 

What’s Included in Project Consultancy

With one-time project consultancy, you’ll have a dedicated Consultant who will listen to your goals, and design a plan to get you where you want to be. We’ll work to understand the scope of your project, design a solution, and support your team through the implementation.

Some sample projects

You want to build 50 or more templates with some overlap in features and plugins, but aren’t sure how to translate those ideas into Products, Versions and Tenant Snapshots in WPCS. 

  • Discovery session to understand your ideas 
  • Discussion around best practices orchestrating those ideas in WPCS 
  • Assistance with mapping out a robust set-up for scale 

You’re experiencing some traction, and are looking to automate businesses processes that will enable you to scale rapidly. 

  • Discovery to understand integration needs and requirements
  • Discussion and recommendation of integration architecture and approach
  • Review of and recommendations for specific API endpoints to use
  • Support and troubleshooting for WPCS’s APIs
  • Training for WPCS users to take advantage of integration

Work with a WPCS Consultant to learn the in-and-outs of building on Multi-tenant WordPress. We’ll discuss best practices, recommend workflows, and provide support. Typical topics covered include:

  • Overview of WPCS developer tools 
  • Walkthrough of WPCS CLI
  • Training on local development workflow
  • Recommendations on  infrastructure
  • Support and troubleshooting for WPCS, APIs, and custom code built in WPCS

Contact us to go over your specific requirements 

Key Details

Price:  $197,- p/h 

Setting: Remote, Video Call 

Duration: Project basis

Prefer to work with on an ongoing basis?

Work with a dedicated WPCS Consultant on an ongoing basis to help achieve long-term tool- or strategy-based goals.

Ongoing technical consultation

With ongoing technical consulting, you’ll have a Dedicated Consultant to meet with regularly.

Your consultant will gain an in-depth understanding of your systems, tech stack, and business, and provide strategic and technical guidance that helps you meet your goals.


  • $879,- p/m
  • Up to 5h per month
  • Format: Live Video 


per month

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