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Everything you need to leverage WordPress for SaaS

Provision highly-available tenants (websites) with shared functionality but separate content to develop and distribute changes to WordPress like a SaaS.

In this 25-minute overview and product demo, Cofounder and CCO, Roger Rosweide, will show you how you can use WPCS to launch and automate WordPress-based SaaS — in just minutes.

He’ll introduce the concept of multi-tenant WordPress and you’ll learn why hundreds of companies are using WPCS to scale the development, management, and sales of their WP websites and how they’re getting tons of time and energy back because of it.    

Your presenter

Roger Rosweide

Roger Rosweide is a co-founder of the WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform. If he’s not creating content, helping to figure out what WPCS is and where it’s going, he’s having a huge bucket of responsibilities dumped on his head daily, while trying to be an awesome co-founder for Wijnand, Dexter, Sybren, and the rest of the team.

Co-founder / CCO @ WPCS.IO

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