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Complete control of your WordPress WaaS with low overhead

Complete control of your WordPress WaaS with low overhead

Complete control of your WordPress product with low overhead

For WaaS companies, the single most impactful enemy to diminishing profit margins is being inefficient.

This negative impact amplifies when the team structure managing your WaaS is either too large or isn’t 100% in-house.

In order to be efficient, you need to be able to control business critical components and automate repetitive processes. 

The challenges of an efficient WaaS

A growing WaaS company that has a team structure that’s spread too thin, covering all business domains from customer success, marketing to sales all the way to cloud server engineers – in comparison to a WaaS company whose sole focus is on their customer, and website product – is simply not efficient. 

As you grow, maintaining highly available websites, a scalable infrastructure, and developing your website product becomes increasingly challenging. Read more about the challenges of scaling websites.

Each of the skills required to build and manage a WaaS are enough to build a company around by themself. Hence, there are dozens of specialized companies that provide cloud services, automation, billing, etc.

There is also a well-known, but poorly understood architectural challenge that plagues most WaaS founders: they think control and efficiency are reached in-house or with a single partner.

They build a WaaS from scratch or with a single external partner. But, the result is a WaaS that depends on a team that’s too large (or worse: outsourced) and manages too many (manual) processes. 

Here’s how to solve these issues:

Step 1: Take control of your WaaS

First off, you should build in WordPress.

WordPress gives you access to running on a platform that integrates seamlessly with specialists that make your company resilient, flexible, and ready for growth.

WordPress offers:

You can hire these specialists for specific projects, without needing a large in-house team, and use specialized services that automate processes in your company.

Your infrastructure should allow you to build out your product as you see fit, not lock you into that specific environment or make you dependent on a single contractor. 

It’s important to stay in control of your product. Moreover, you want to be able to take it anywhere, whenever you want.

With WPCS, your product is yours – not an extension of your infrastructure provider.

Proof: Fysiotherapie4all.nl

Fysiotherapie4all.nl (+100.000 visits per month) has translated the success of their website into a website product for other physical therapists. Thanks to WPCS, they launch new WordPress websites automatically and have zero stress scaling their WaaS to all 30.000 physical therapists in the Netherlands.

  • Launches and manages partner websites in minutes per month
  • Several website products (websites, leadpages, webinar pages) to serve the digital needs of physiotherapists in the Netherlands 
  • Complete focus on their customers and building amazing WordPress products

Before using WPCS, they were stuck with an external partner that used Joomla to manage their website. When we met them, they were considering outsourcing their WaaS to India. 

With the WPCS platform, Fysiotherapie4All can now continuously improve its product, manage all websites as one, and confidently deploy new partner website products.

Within minutes, they turn this: 

Into this: 

Turning to WPCS for help solved all our scalability issues, as well as delivering us top-level service and an amazing product for our customers. I highly recommend it!”

Maikel Korbmacher, CEO Fysiotherapie4All.nl 

(April 6, 2021)

Step 2: integration with specialists that put your WaaS on autopilot

WPCS is excellent at scaling WordPress websites, using our unique cloud hosting infrastructure. With WPCS, you can easily integrate with other SaaS companies to handle critical components such as onboarding flows, payment and subscription management.

Our mission is to put your WaaS management on autopilot. WPCS offers a turn-key solution that does not require any coding experience. You can use WordPress to build your WaaS as you normally would. As if it’s just one website. All tenants are centrally managed, updated, and monitored.

You get to spend minutes per month on managing your WaaS, while you keep complete control of your product with low overhead.

We’ve created a webinar and pdf in which we give a detailed explanation of the core problems, our thesis, and how WPCS creates the perfect setup for scaling WordPress websites using our WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform.

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