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Complete control with multi tenant WordPress

Complete control with multi tenant WordPress

Why not multi tenant? The challenges of controlling your WaaS

It has plagued WaaS owners since the dawn of the website as a service model: Scalability, security, and control. Optimising on one aspect inevitably means compromising on the other.

On a closed CMS, like Duda, you are able to scale your WaaS business. The features you are able to build, however, are limited to the tools of the ecosystem that has developed it. Migrating to a different platform all together, would simply not be a viable option.

Running a setup on multisite would provide you with some degree of control, as you would leverage WordPress. However, some of your favourite plugins aren’t available on WordPress multisite. In other instances, your options would need to compromise to some degree, as there aren’t many tools available to spin up new subsites, for example. 

Similarly, there is no way to restrict plugins on individual sites using multisite. Themes are also installed directly on the entire network. If you edit the code of one theme, you edit it for all sites using that theme. These are aspects that severely limit your ability to control your WaaS business.

Most importantly, however, choosing a multisite set up you automatically introduce a central point of weakness: If one website gets hacked, the entire network will get compromised.

Alternatively, a WaaS powered by single installs has the ability to influence each aspect of its website product, as it would be able use the entire WordPress ecosystem. Though, it would come at a cost, as it would loose its ability to efficiently grow.

Secure, scalable and complete control with multi tenant WordPress

Compared with multisite, a multi tenant architecture will naturally increase security, as each customer would have a complete stand alone WordPress install. Scalability concerns are also a thing of the past when each customer enjoys a separate database.

Leverage the true power of WordPress opensource for your WaaS

For the first time, WaaS companies are able to leverage the true power of WordPress open source. Never before was it possible to exercise complete control over each aspect of a website as a service product using WordPress. With the WPCS platform you’re able to select your tools stack using the entire ecosystem of plugins, themes or page builders of WordPress that enable you to have complete control of your website product.

It’s just WordPress, but multi tenant.

Learn how the WPCS cloud hosting platform offers a scaleable and secure solution, while enabling WaaS companies to leverage the true power of WordPress open source. Read our Manifesto in your inbox when you sign up for a 30-day free trial.

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