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Case study: Fysiotherapie4All

Fysiotherapie4all homepage

Solved: Spend only Minutes per Month on franchise websites

Results overview:

  • Launches and manages partner websites in minutes per month
  • Is fully compliant with European privacy laws due to a multi tenant architecture
  • Centrally develop product upgrades, push to individual sites like a SaaS
  • Decrease time to market and operational costs
The biggest website provider for physical therapists in the Netherlands

Fysiotherapie4all on WPCS

Fysiotherapie4All is one of the biggest online platforms in the Netherlands regarding physical therapy. They have thousands of articles on every relevant subject and daily connect hundreds of people to physical therapies in the Netherlands. 

Because of their incredible status as an inbound platform for physical pain, they started to offer websites and leadpages to physical therapists as part of a franchise/partner offering. 

The challenge: unable to scale and meet demand

Before migrating to WPCS and adopting multi-tenant WordPress, their entire digital presence was built with Joomla, which was both inefficient and unscalable. It took days to weeks to build a new website or set up a new lead-page for clients. After website launch, it was impossible to update and upgrade all websites like a SaaS. 

Fysiotherapie4All required a hand-on approach. This isn’t necessary for users of the platform, but a switch from Joomla to WordPress made custom WordPress development necessary. There was no need for custom development in terms of WPCS’ infrastructure. Anyone can migrate and scale their own WordPress portfolio using WPCS. 

First, their web agency redesigned, and subsequently migrated the entire platform into WordPress. Together, we made sure all SEO status was retained and coordinated with the agency on improvements so that it could continue to capture more traffic.

Today, the platform draws in 80.000 monthly website visitors, and continues to grow steadily at 5-10% per month. Quite impressive for a country that only has 17 million inhabitants. 

Fysiotherapie4all’s agency built a high-level website product specifically tailored to their customers that was based on the success of their platform. The product is a complete website, including lead pages. After delivery, WPCS turned the product into a SaaS through their WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform.

Unscalable development

Costly maintenance

The entire digital presence was built with Joomla, which was both inefficient and unscalable. It took days to weeks to build a new website or set up a new lead pages for clients. With WPCS, they can launch new websites and pages automatically. They use Tenant Snapshots to streamline the launch of new websites and automate the process

Individual management and improvement of website costs too much time, money, and energy. With WPCS, maintenance was brought back to 1 FTE. Using the WPCS’ Versioning System, they’re able to sustain a safe, continuous development cycle with just a one man dev team.

“Are you using the same plugin stack over and over again?”


Tenant Snapshots

The WPCS Versioning System

Our multi-tenant cloud platform enables you to create multiple versions of any WordPress product that spin up highly-available tenants (websites) with shared functionality but separate content. This enables you to develop and distribute changes like a SaaS.


  • Multitenancy
  • Versions
  • Snapshot
  • Tenant Snapshots


Result: Manage all websites in minutes with a WaaS offering

The result is a cloud hosted, high-performing website product that can be automatically launched within a minute for new franchise partners. Using the API, all websites are automatically launched through WooCommerce and CRM is updated. Websites are highly available, automatically scalable, and are self-hosted on our multi-tenant WordPress cloud hosting platform. Above all, each tenant enjoys a complete stand-alone WordPress install which makes their solution fully GDPR compliant. 

With the WPCS platform, Fysiotherapie4All can now centrally improve its product and push changes to all websites as one. Using a CI/CD pipeline, they can confidently deploy new partner websites and keep their entire stack up to date. Backups are automatically created twice daily. Using the WPCS’ Versioning System, they have effectively turned their franchise into a WordPress-based SaaS.

Within minutes, they turn this: 

Into this: 

The results:

  • Full automation
  • Unified development
  • Complete control
  • Money saved

Tenfold more resource efficient. 

Maikel Korbmacher, Fysiotherapie4All’s CEO, stated that his team can now focus completely on building just one amazing product that provides value to thousands of physical therapists in the Netherlands. It effectively diverted 2 FTE from manually managing new websites to continuously improving their product and onboarding new partners. The WPCS platform takes care of all infrastructural needs necessary to manage all their websites at scale. 

What Maikel says:

“It took us days to weeks to build new websites for partners, even though they were based on our successful product. Managing our websites took a large chunk out of our month. Turns out replicating success isn’t as easy as duplicating a website, managing it like a SaaS takes even more time! We were seriously concerned about the scalability of our portfolio, while our customers were anxious to work with us. Turning to WPCS for help solved all our scalability issues, as well as delivering us top-level service and an amazing product for our customers. I highly recommend it!”

Maikel Korbmacher, CEO Fysiotherapie4All.nl (April 6, 2021)

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