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Randy J Lejeune

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Tiny Giant built a fully scalable Website as a Service (that they almost don’t want you to know about)
Tiny Giant Web Solutionsa

The Tiny Giant WaaS (Website as a Service)

“Just don’t market your business. I don’t want any competition”

…”We make a double profit, and it’s easy money.”

Randy J LeJeune – President Tiny Giant Web Solutions

Full interview here:

WPCS exists to enable our users to scale and distribute WP products to end-users all over the globe. As part of our ongoing efforts to bring the best products to our users, we interviewed a bunch of our customers and asked for input on our roadmap for 2023.

Sometimes, an interview is just so good that it would only be to the detriment of new, potential users to edit for length. Here’s our interview with Randy:

Randy LeJeune – President

Summary of interview:

  • Used multisite with WP Ultimo but discovered roadblocks
  • Uses websites as a funnel to grow marketing clients
  • Uses WordPress because that’s what customers want and can afford. Also, WP is easier for their marketing guys to change funnels and marketing campaigns
  • Started building a WaaS as a hobby during the low season. Built premade templates for high-converting niches and got funnels in place. They pride themselves on being able to offer turnkey websites
  • Didn’t consider any other solution because they clearly knew what they wanted
  • Reason for choosing WPCS: they needed full control of the development, yet be able to delegate management to the user if needed
  • They make a double profit on their operational costs and “it’s easy money
  • Migration was like pulling teeth out.” – Before they discovered WPCS, they built with Elementor first, but ran into issues. They wanted to make things as scalable as possible, so they rebuilt the entire portfolio into Divi and migrated that to WPCS. After they had finished that, they came up with an “SMP” (Standard Migration Process, a term coined by Randy himself which we are definitely going to steal) that works for them.
  • Hosting with WPCS allows them to compete with Wix pricing. They had 3 clients that they could stop going over to Wix because of the WPCS platform.

Our favorite quotes:

  • “I don’t want you to market this to anyone else. I want to be the only one in this area to have this”
  • “You’re out on the forefront bringing a great new tool for webmasters and marketing teams. The ideas that can go from this are astronomical”
  • “You can build your own Wix platform or do like the Tiny Giant’s of the world and do turnkey websites”
  • “We make a double profit, and it’s easy money.”
  • “The migration process is literally turnkey”.
  • “Any marketing firm that isn’t doing this is missing an opportunity. It allows them to keep their client sites in a great ecosystem with Versioning that allows you to test out new stuff before adding new stuff.”
  • “There’s a better way to host WordPress sites with this system.”

What they offer

“Tiny Giant Web Solutions is a spinoff of xString Commands Inc, a custom software and Business Intelligence solutions provider that has been providing both custom and standard website solutions since 2010. Our purpose in creating Tiny Giant Web Solutions was to bring more modest pricing to businesses for digital marketing and website development without lengthy contracts.

We are creating cost-effective and professional marketing solutions and websites for business growth and brand recognition.”

– Tiny Giant Web Solutions

Their current business lines:

A personal approach to web development made possible by scalable infrastructure

Investment needed

Tiny Giant was able to build all the premade templates and customize them into turnkey websites during what he calls “valleys” in his business, aka low season. What started as a hobby to keep his copywriters occupied quickly turned into a fully-fledged business and funnel to upsell marketing services.

Like any good agency owner, he kept track of the hours his team spent building the websites and calculated that he started turning a profit when he reached his 12th client on the platform. This includes all hours spent. He’s currently making a double profit on his operating costs and “it’s easy money”. He estimated that they need about 5 hours per month to manage the entire portfolio.

Migration process

“Migration was like pulling teeth out”, but fortunately that had nothing to do with WPCS. Before they migrated to WPCS they built everything with Elementor. Because they ran into some issues related to marketing and didn’t see how they could keep scaling with Elementor, they rebuilt the entire thing in Divi before migration to WPCS.

“Migration is literally turnkey”, were Randy’s words on the experience of moving his websites to WPCS.

The result

Tiny Giant has built a WaaS (Website as a Service) to rival any high-end web agency when it comes to service and expertise. In order to expand their product offering, they built a standardized WordPress backend that can take any shape or form and is suitable for any use case.

By streamlining the technical foundation, using the same themes and plugins but customizing these for every use case, they are able to combine modest pricing with high-end service. The WPCS multi-tenant WordPress cloud platform enables them to save on operational costs when it comes to developing and maintaining their product.

Automate Your Business From Sale To Launch

One of the reasons that Tiny Giant is doing so well, is that WPCS not only centralizes development and management, but offers tools to automate the WaaS from sale to launch.

You can do too! Have a look at this 13 min webinar and in-depth article showing you how:

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