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jorge santos

Centrally developing and managing different use cases and websites from a single source

Using WPCS to unify management and optimize time developing websites across multiple clients
Freshrules Agency

Optimizing time and costs by centralizing development and management

“Your solution is the only one that really improved my time and my costs”

Jorge Santos – Founder & CEO

What they offer

FreshRules Agency represents a unique use case on the WPCS platform. One that we hadn’t anticipated when we first launched the platform. Today, his use case is quite common and represents ±18% of our user base (at this time of writing), and we all have Jorge to thank for that. So what is it?

Jorge has combined completely unique, different websites into a single Version.

We asked Jorge how long he has wanted to centralize management of his sites in this way and optimize his time. Forever, he said laughing.

Before discovering WPCS, Lightsail, Kinsta, and AWS were considered but these are “website by website” solutions, meaning that they didn’t solve the issue of centralizing development and management.

Time is money for Jorge, who sells his time by the hour as an agency owner.

An overview of the broad spectrum of FreshRules’ client portfolio

Investment needed

Time. As Jorge puts it:

“Everything is perfect, the only difficulty is the migration process if you’re combining completely different websites into a single Version. It can be time consuming.”

To be fair, when Jorge contacted us we had never encountered his use case before. Our use base either migrated completely standardized WordPress Multisite or single-installation setups. And to his credit, he had to figure out the best way and then do the work too. Today, we have mastered his use case and offer a free migration service alongside our webinars, articles, and free migration tool (see webinar below).

Migration method

Check out this video and this in-depth article if you want to learn more about how to merge entirely different WP websites into a single Version on WPCS.

As mentioned, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly to schedule a call. We’re happy to discuss your use case and offer any help getting on the platform (for more information, click here).

The result

At this time of writing, FreshRules hosts 6 entirely different multi-tenant WordPress websites clusters across two AWS regions (Noth America and Europe). That’s six WaaS clusters so to speak, made up of individual websites with separate use cases inside of those clusters. He’s not only the first to do it, but by far the most successful in doing it.

We’re proud to save Jorge time and money as he continues to migrate his websites to WPCS. Our goal is for every agency to be able to unify management and development the way Jorge has.

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