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Manage and scale +50 brands with a smaller team to deliver Everyday Essentials for 50 million Europeans

Swapping Multisite for WPCS as a no-code solution to unify development and lower operational costs across all websites
Dayes.eu on multi-tenant WordPress

Managing a multi-brand website portfolio

“Launching websites and updating dozens of existing websites was very time-consuming in the WordPress multisite environment. That’s why we looked for a scalable way to manage the same websites. WPCS offered the best answer in this regard. More scalable than traditional WordPress hosters, faster than with plugins, and more reliable due to multitenancy.”

Jerôme de Groot (Project owner Dayes.eu)

What they offer

“Every day, over 50 million European households rely upon our products and brands. Our essentials cover all the household basics, from the morning bathroom routine to cooking and cleaning. This is why we have merged our products and brands under a single name that embodies our impact and mission: Dayes (Everyday Essentials).”

Dayes.eu migrations brands to WPCS
Dayes.eu migrations brands to WPCS

Investment needed

When Dayes.eu contacted WPCS, they were still called Nedac Sorbo at the time, all their brand websites were hosted on a WordPress Multisite setup.

WordPress Multisite has very distinct limitations that all stem from the underlying architecture: all websites are hosted on the same server and utilize the same WordPress installation, filesystem, and database. After a certain scale, the development cycle becomes too complex and the stack too chaotic to manage and scale.

Once these challenges inevitably occur, they are very urgent and existential to the scalability and development of a website stack.

The result is the same for nearly use case: a complex, time-consuming development cycle that results in an unstable and unsafe website stack. Product development stagnates and the need for highly skilled developers to simply keep the stack stable increases. 

Fortunately, swapping WordPress Multisite for multi-tenant WordPress on WPCS is completely cost and painless.

Read on for the details on the migration.

Migration method

Next to a free migration plugin for single-site installations (click here), WPCS offers a free migration service for anyone. In the case of a WordPress Multisite, we always do that personally (reach out for a free migration exploration call).

The rest was very straightforward: in the course of 4 days, our dev team migrated all their Multisite’s subsites to WPCS in a few batches. In between, we scheduled short update calls before moving to the next batch.

What Jerôme Says:

“With WPCS, updating and changing WordPress has become accessible to everyone in a reliable way. No plugins or programming knowledge is required. You can get started without a software developer!”

The result

Individual management and improvement of websites prior to WPCS costs too much time, money, and energy. WPCS’ Versioning System and multitenancy solved that.

Due to compatibility issues with WordPress Multisite and a lack of a continuous development process, product development stagnated. WPCS’ API and complete access to the WP ecosystem solved that.

The WPCS Versioning System

Our multi-tenant cloud platform enables you to create multiple versions of any WordPress product that spin up highly-available tenants (websites) with shared functionality but separate content. This enables you to develop and distribute changes like a SaaS.


  • Multitenancy
  • Versions
  • Snapshot
  • Tenant Snapshots

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