Nod your head if this is you:

  • You’re repeating the same steps 80% of the time when building websites
  • You’re very aware that duplicating a website takes plenty of manual steps, let alone multiplying to scale
  • You own or want to start a Website as a Service business, but the limitations of WordPress Multisite make you cringe
  • Even with plugins and managed hosting, controlling all the duplicates is a boring set of manual tasks

Even if this isn’t you: if you’re considering selling websites at scale, these will be your problems too.

You can’t automate website duplication completely

Sure. As mentioned above, there are a few ways to automate some of it.

Maybe you’ve combined your websites with managed hosting or use WordPress Multisite. Perhaps you’re launching new websites locally using a development tool. You might even manage them through a website management dashboard.

If you want to scale your Websites as a Service business, you want to launch automatically through a webhook and push optimizations to the template to all (live) customers.

How are you currently doing that?

Multiplying websites is manual work

Websites don’t multiply themselves. They certainly don’t manage themselves. We noticed that when we started to duplicate our unique scaffold for WordPress, that was 90% done and only needed the individual design/content sauce to make it stand out.

Doing that a few times is acceptable. Doing it hundreds of times is a pain in the ass. Multiplying and scaling websites automatically is impossible (or at least it used to be).

And guess what, nobody is offering a turn-key solution for multiplying “optimized for X niche” websites.

No automated solution for multiplying websites exists, especially multi-tenant cloud-based

To emphasize the scarcity of this solution: after we started developing our system, we closed a deal with Bloom, a company specializing in selling websites optimized for therapists.

They were facing a real issue: they had hundreds of clients closed, launched, and managed manually. They had heaps of cash flowing in every month but were facing limitations in growth, simply because their system needed automation for scale.

We basically built our WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform prototype specifically to their needs because there was no competitor.

We’re still very thankful to Bloom for letting us make a prototype that could immediately be used in practice. Because of that, we had hundreds of websites to test our MVP on.

We needed a new category: WordPress multi-tenancy

Nobody seemed to be doing this: offering a multi-tenant cloud system that can automatically trigger a new prefab website to launch that’s optimized to a specific niche, using WordPress open source

For the creators, it needed to be easy to manage, optimize, and control.

You want to treat all managed websites as one.

First, we did the research:

We built a serverless WordPress multi-tenant solution from scratch

Before we started building WPCS, we were stuck in a land where too many different companies offered products that we needed to combine to serve all our needs. And even if there was, we were often stuck using a specific framework to make it possible. Not to mention that the prices stack up, which leaves no margin.

We needed an automated way to sell a website to clients for cheap that was completely optimized to what we needed as a reseller. Automatically sell and deploy websites for cheap, then deliver on the service that makes us successful. Websites should become your foot in the door: give value first, make money after.

But, it needed to be simple and scalable: before, during, and after the sale. Help clients to a website that’s optimized to the way we work and scale your company by launching and managing all your clients at once.

So we did just that: we built the world’s first WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform.

We help companies manage their digital products as one product, no matter the scale.

We specialize in WordPress, but the system we built works for any digital product.

Here’s some tech-talk: WPCS makes digital products cloud-native and scalable to infinity. We use Kubernetes’ container orchestration tools to automatically scale and manage highly available digital products to multi-tenancy without ecosystem limitations.

Our cloud platform is optimized to bring WordPress to scale, meaning that our Kubernetes cloud infrastructure makes WordPress products natively multi-tenant and solves all problems associated with WordPress Multisite. All tenants share the same WordPress functionality but are separated in the database.

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This is what that means: We offer the opportunity to standardize and duplicate any website to any degree and automate the entire process from sale to launch. When we’re done, you’ve got an automated selling system that makes sales and deploys your websites without you lifting a finger. We create multi-tenant WordPress websites that are unified in management, updates, monitoring, and infinitely scalable.

In short: it’s the World’s First SaaS platform specifically created to let anyone start a Website as a Service business. No coding knowledge required.

How to find out if this is for you

If you’re deciding whether you should sell optimized websites to your niche, you should read this article first.

If you’re deciding if WPCS is your best option, have a look at this table:

Are you thinking of / or currently selling hundreds of websites (or other digital products) to your niche?

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