First off, many thanks to everyone that have signed on as Beta testers the past month. Your feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive.

As of today, we have welcomed 35 sign-ups and have confidently launched 500+ tenants in total. That’s above and beyond expectations!

We’ve also made significant changes to the UI. We’ve:

Have you seen or used them already? Let us know what you think!

What’s next:

Looking ahead short term, we’re working on the UI that allows you to manage automatic and manual backups right from the Console.

We’ve been busy to allow you to create Event-based integrations using webhooks, which will be the foundation for applications like Zapier and N8n or even custom integrations.

Using webhooks, you will be able to integrate with your favourite software providers to create seamlessness onboarding flows, handle payment or activate plugin bundles to your customers within your WaaS plans.

We feel that this update will significantly change the way you use and experience the platform, as it gives any user the ability to do and automate a ton of stuff. More info on that soon.

There’s a lot more on the roadmap medium to long term. Obviously, we’ll work and improve the platform for many years to come. For now, our wish is to generate a lot of feedback while still in our Beta.

Let us know your feedback! If you have any questions or wish to share your ideas, you can mail them back to this address, or book a call directly with me here.

We Provide Cloud Scale – I don’t think we have mentioned what our acronym stands for before 😉

Our mission is to let you create the best possible WordPress product you can imagine. We’ll take care of scaling your WaaS.

Have a great day,

Roger and the WPCS team