Since the beginning of WordPress, 3 scaling issues have existed that have challenged the ecosystem: Technical, development, and business scaling. Here’s how to solve all three.

We understand that you want to offer clients different templates/demos as the starting point to customize their website. Introducing “Tenant Snapshots”: an easier way to offer a range of different templates, that all share the same theme and plugins.

This article outlines the reason why the Website as a Service model is starting to gain traction. It also covers who is adopting this change, and which slice of the market they are capturing.

The challenges of controlling your WaaS and how to leverage the true power of WordPress open source with the WPCS cloud hosting platform

How do you release changes to your WordPress-based WaaS with confidence? We discuss the WPCS solution and FAQ’s.

WPCS serves as your trusted partner that builds the best possible ecosystem to facilitate your growth, so that you can focus on adding value to your customer.

Continuously improve your WordPress product with certainty. WPCS uses a unique versioning system that enables 100% confident deployment. Finally, you can experience Git-like development in WordPress with version control.

Automate your multi-tenant WaaS: automatically create and delete tenants.

Our mission is to put your WaaS management on autopilot. WPCS offers a turn-key solution that does not require any coding experience. You can use WordPress to build your WaaS as you normally would. As if it’s just one website. All tenants are centrally managed, updated, and monitored.

Performance challenges amplify as websites multiply. How to deliver high-performing websites, at any scale? We discuss the challenges and the solution.

New feature alert! Manage automatic and manual backups in the WPCS console.

Scaling a WaaS in Minutes using WPCS, instead of launching a website in days or weeks. Highly available multi-tenant WordPress websites that are fully GDPR compliant

Our journey so far: milestones, celebrations, and what’s on the roadmap.

4 easy steps to add domains for your tenants.

Whether you’re dealing with 1, 20, or 800 websites, security matters. But, easy management also matters, and these two are not easily combined. The solution: one-click login.

Building a Website as a Service is hard work, so we wanted to lighten the mood a little bit. We explain the features and benefits of our platform the way we would do it if it were a Friday afternoon. You know, with a beer in hand.

The benefits and limitations of Multisite, plus the multi-tenant WordPress innovation that makes you want to migrate your WaaS.

Everything you need to know about how to start a Website as a Service (WaaS) using WPCS.

How to stack your profit and structure your website services.

The most common pitfalls of making money creating websites and how to start making more money efficiently today.

7 reasons why you should add this lucrative revenue stream to your business model.

How we “accidentally” created the world’s first WordPress multiplier platform and why.