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A Partnership to resell multi-tenant WordPress

A Partnership to resell multi-tenant WordPress

There are three ways to benefit from the WPCS platform. Let’s list them first before we continue with the last one.

  1. You’re an end-user of one of the websites that exist on WPCS
  2. You’re a user of WPCS and have created a WP-based SaaS or WaaS (website as a service)
  3. You’re a partner of WPCS and resell the use of the WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform

If you fall in the first bracket, you likely don’t even know that you’re benefitting from the platform. Some of the advantages might come familiar though: your agency regularly updates or upgrades your website as part of your monthly subscription, your website is fast and can take on a lot of traffic, and your agency likely offers your website as part of a specialized service to your niche.

The reason this is possible is that agencies and web developers in the second bracket are using WPCS to centrally develop and manage all their websites like a SaaS. Our WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform enables them to spin up highly available, individual WordPress installations with shared functionality but a separated database.

Using the Versioning System, they maintain a continuous and confident development cycle that unifies the development of all websites just like a SaaS. The API allows for automation of all business processes such as website creation and deletion. The CLI introduces local development and the use of CI/CD.

Multi-tenant WordPress solves all limitations of WordPress Multisite and is often preferred by WaaS (website as a service) companies who migrate their subsites to WPCS. The third group in the second bracket are plugin- and theme builders who use the WPCS platform to quickly and conveniently build hosted solutions, just like Elementor has done.

Partnership example with WP SaaS

Becoming a WPCS Partner

Apart from these two brackets, WPCS offers the option to resell the use of the WPCS platform. This takes the form of a licensing partnership to sublicense the use of the platform, possibly with white-label features.

Partners make use of our Partner API, which allows you to create subscriptions to WPCS. This includes Snapshots preloaded with features to use as templates for your customers. Your customers can choose to start their subscription with a preloaded Version, Snapshots, and Tenants (websites). Some of the features include:

  • Partners can create a subscription with a populated version
  • Partners can delete subscriptions and their products
  • Normal API is available with fancy API keys and ?productId=x
  • Partners receive a page in the console to manage base snapshots

This is useful since our partners often choose to include self-owned, custom-developed plugins and themes as part of their service offering.

These services can be expanded however you like. A few examples from partners include SaaS lending, Stripe plugins, WooCommerce-specific plugins, courses, and coaching.

Depending on the potential of the partnership, the minimum agreed to purchase, and your region of operation, we can open a data center wherever you prefer.


Our Reseller SaaS Services Order Form includes a minimum purchase of WPCS tenants in a specific period of time, usually one year. Based on this minimum amount, we can offer the tenant fees for a wholesale price.

We can open up a new data center in your territory starting at 100 tenants, with a minimum of 1000 tenants realized in the first year. If we’re already present in your region, we can agree on a lower minimum.

Subscriptions launched through the partner are customers of the partner. Partner is free to decide on billing, fees, and services. WPCS sends a consolidated invoice at the end of every month with billing for the actual usage (calculated per hour) of the subscriptions that were launched through the partner.

WPCS offers a flat fee to all users of the platform, including partners. Based on a fair-use policy and SLA (read here), we agree on a flat fee for tenant hours for a wholesale price. This flat fee includes our full range of services, including unlimited performance, autoscaling, API, and all multi-tenant features.

Our fair use policy has never been breached (yet). In any case, we didn’t build this platform for video streaming, but other than that you should be fine. Especially if your websites are mostly eCommerce. Spikes in traffic for your customers shouldn’t be an issue, but if we can get an estimate on the number of websites you can migrate and launch we can further tailor our services to your specific performance needs.

More information about the scalability of the WPCS platform is listed below with the FAQ.

Partner provides tier 1 support to its customers at its own cost. WPCS provides tier 2 support to the partner as part of the partnership obligations. Tier 2 support pertains to in-depth technical support for unsolvable support Tier-1 tickets regarding infrastructural services-related issues.

WPCS currently offers a 30-day free trial to users that sign up directly through https://wpcs.io/. Partner and WPCS can agree to a similar or different free trial for users that sign up through the partner as part of the contract. A 14-day free trial has occurred also, for example.

Test before we start

We understand that you want to take the platform for a test drive before we enter into an agreement. If you sign up as a user for a regular 30-day free trial today, your account will be throttled. We recommend getting in touch with us directly to make your interest in a partnership known.

To start the exploration phase of a potential partnership, we can schedule a window to unlimit your account and provide assistance with testing the features included in the partnership. If relevant, we can set up a data center for a limited period in your preferred region to test the platform in a “live” environment.

After the stress test of the platform has been successful, WPCS can move quickly in helping you to prepare for launching your services.


How WPCS allocates resources per tenant

Due to the scalable nature of WPCS, tenants do not run on the same type of machine, or even container, for every request. This means we need to talk in terms of PHP processes.

A single PHP process is by default allowed to use up to 0.5 CPUs and 256MB memory. You can contact us to increase the available resources for a single PHP process. To summarize, how much CPU and RAM your tenant has depends on how busy the site is. The more your site is accessed and the more resources it needs, the more resources our systems will assign to your tenant. This makes sure your tenant is always available and performant.

Are There Any Additional Fees For Storage Or Bandwidth Used?

We provide unlimited storage and bandwidth, based on our Fair Use Policy. This should work for almost all use cases. A notable exception to this rule is video hosting. If you want to play videos on your Tenants (websites), please make sure these are hosted elsewhere.

If we do find you in breach of the Fair Use Policy, we will first contact you to see if we can come to a solution. If a solution is not viable, we will add fees.

Are You Going To Charge Extra If A Site Receives A Lot Of Visits During A Specific Period?

Our pricing is flat, keeping our Fair Use Policy in mind. Getting a lot of traffic on a single tenant will simply scale up your product.

We will contact you if your product exceeds our Fair Use Policy in terms of resource usage. This hasn’t happened yet with any of our clients. We will always contact you first whenever it may happen to find a solution.

How Does SSL Work? Which Type Of SSL Certificate Is Included In The Package?

SSL Certificates are included. Our SSL certificates are provisioned using Let’s Encrypt’s services. They are based on single domains. So subdomain1.mywebsite.com and subdomain2.mywebsite.com receive separate certificates on different tenants.

How Do You Handle Updates And Plug-Ins?

The multi-tenant environment is set up when you create a Version of your product. This means that the plugins and themes installed there are available to all Tenants.

Updating plugins or themes is done by creating a new Version of your product, doing all updates therein, and then moving tenants to the new Version. In this way, all Tenants will eventually have access to the new or updated functionality. It’s super easy.

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